4 Reasons individuals choose to hire a private investigator

Despite the fact that a professional investigative company like King Investigators in Pretoria is able to provide business intelligence and due diligence investigations for companies, they are also a highly effective and experienced team at tackling investigations for individuals in their private capacity.

While the reasons individuals choose to hire a private investigator vary greatly, the bottom line is that they require the services of a consummate professional to gather incontrovertible evidence in personal matters, the bulk of which often end up in court.

Uncovering well-hidden information and carrying out undercover surveillance takes real experience and a high level of skill, which is why you’d be best served by hiring a private investigator with an impeccable reputation, to provide you with the evidence you require in a specific case.

Let’s look at 4 top reasons private individuals will hire a private investigator:

Divorce & infidelity

Unfortunately, infidelity and divorce often go hand in hand, and, if suspicion becomes something tangible in terms of a change in the status quo of the relationship or the spouse, and divorce is inevitable, then its best that a professional private investigator be hired to provide the quality of evidence that can be used in court.

Anything less will be of no value once lawyers start tearing evidence apart.

A private investigator is by definition expected to be discreet, not only about his client but also about following the subject of an investigation, without having their cover blown.

A professional investigator also knows the dos and don’ts of gathering evidence out in the field, which is essential if all evidence gathered is done according to strict industry standards.

Other reasons a private investigator may be involved in divorce cases is to gather evidence of any substance or alcohol abuse, or any other illegal activities the subject is involved in, which may lead to supporting the petitioning client in court during a divorce case.

Child custody, visitation rights & child abuse

Whether or not children are in danger with one or the other parent, the right to custody becomes a battleground in many cases, making it a highly contentious and emotional issue leading up to the actual court case.

This is an issue that especially cuts to the core for any genuinely loving and responsible parent who wants to give their child the best in painful circumstances.

Should there be suspicion that there is any negligence or abuse taking place when a child is with either parent, valid evidence of a quality that cannot be disputed needs to be gathered by a professional, to lend weight to the battle for a child’s safety in a custody case.

Custody arrangements are there to be observed for the protection and safety of the child. This is of paramount importance to the court, and if any part of the arrangement is being compromised to the detriment of the child, the welfare of that child will be placed above all else, with custody arrangements going back to court, to be amended according to evidence provided to back up these claims.

General family issues

The world we raise our children in today is a lot more frightening than ever before, and, when parents are concerned about whether or not their children are involved in dangerous behaviour or substance abuse they may consider hiring a private investigator to get to the truth.

From evidence presented, parents and other family members are able to intervene, if necessary, to protect their children from further danger.

Private investigators are also called on to investigate whether or not a spouse is involved in gambling, drug use or other illegal activities, in order to put paid to suspicions.

Domestic abuse victims

At best, it’s very difficult to prove that someone is a victim of domestic abuse without the aid of a professional investigator. The simple reason for this is that the investigator is trained to focus on the most important aspects of the abuse and can advise the victim on how to keep their own records of the abuse for the duration of the investigation.

The evidence that a private investigator is able to uncover in the course of a domestic abuse case is of great value where it comes to seeking protective orders, divorce or child custody cases.

The families of those abused often hire a private investigator to gather as much evidence as possible to allay or confirm their suspicions before any action is taken to protect the family member being abused.

Hire the top private investigators in Pretoria

The team of licensed investigators at King Investigators bring a wealth of skill, experience and professionalism to any investigation, which is what ultimately leads to evidence that’s delivered with complete transparency and integrity.

Contact this team today if you’ve reached the point where you need the advice of a trusted professional, at the very least, you’ll be able make an informed decision with regards to the way forward.


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