13 Questions to ask a cheating spouse detective before hiring him

Betrayal in any form is devastating, whether it’s a friend or family member that’s betrayed you, but nothing hits anywhere near as hard as the betrayal of a cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend.

It’s one of the loneliest experiences when your sixth sense starts telling you something’s up, because giving voice to your suspicions makes it a reality, which is not something any of us want to do, not even with the closest of friends or family.

You’ll find a dearth of information on the web about the signs to look out for if you suspect infidelity, which could give you a starting point to do a little of your own digging around, before heading for a meeting with a cheating spouse detective.

These are relatively simple actions, such as keeping an eye on how secretive your partner becomes about emails, phone calls and messages on mobile devices.

This is especially true if this has never been a problem, in that you have both always been open and trusting about cell phones and other tech gadgets.

Consulting a cheating spouse detective, or in normal speak, a private investigator, is going to be the best route to take if you are serious about proving or disproving infidelity.

But be sure you can handle the results…

Once you’ve committed to hiring a private investigator to gather evidence of cheating, you need to be certain that you will be prepared for what the evidence may lead to.

If the investigation into infidelity is to be used in a divorce, only a private investigator has the experience and skillset necessary to deliver evidence that will be able to stand up to scrutiny in a court.

Here are some of the most important questions you need to ask a private investigator before hiring him to find proof of infidelity

Is he licenced?

As a registered Private Investigator, owner of King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg, Jacques Botha, is a licenced investigator, and he will be more than happy to furnish you with all his professional credentials.

How long has he been involved in the industry?

The answer your PI gives to this will give you a clear indication of his background and experience as an investigator.

What is his professional background experience & area of specialisation?

Certain PI’s focus on only a few aspects of investigation, while others have the experience and knowledge to undertake a broad range of investigations based on an ability to multitask without effort.

Does he have an office?

If he does have a professionally set up office, ask him where it is should the need ever arise for you to meet him there.  More often than not, clients prefer to meet with the investigator on neutral ground, either in private or in a public area.

Is he available 24/7 or does he only operate from 9 -5?

If nine to five, look elsewhere.  Criminals and cheaters don’t keep office hours, nor does any private investigator worth his salt!

Does he belong to a professional organisation?

Investigators need to be licenced, trained and experienced before they can become a member of PSIRA, and its here that you can double check his credentials and registrations.

What about references?

You are entitled to ask for references from at least two individuals or companies that have already benefitted from the services of the firm, to set your mind at ease regarding his reputation in the industry.

Will there be contact during the investigation?

This will have to be done as discreetly as possible in order not to alert the subject under investigation, especially if you live with or are near to the person on a regular basis.

What updates can I expect?

There are various ways in which the investigator can keep you updated as the case moves forward, which could include email reports or phone calls, but the manner of updating will depend on the size of the investigation and your personal requirements.

Will you get a detailed report?

If you’re taking a case to court then you will be furnished with a detailed written report, as well as with photographic or video evidence to support the written report, if necessary.


Do he have an ethical approach towards gathering evidence?

This is an important question to ask the private investigator, especially in light of the fact that any illegally obtained evidence will be of absolutely no value at all to you, and could in fact land you in uncomfortably warm water legally.

What will the investigation cost?

Here’s also where you sort the wheat from the chaff.  If the investigator is honest and upfront, he will present you with a few options that could possibly save you money, and will be only too happy to discuss costs openly from the outset.

Should he mumble and grumble about costs, look elsewhere! You’re looking for transparency in your private investigator.

Is there a guarantee you’ll get the result you want?

No private investigator can give you a guarantee about anything to do with the investigation other than to leave no stone unturned in getting to the truth. After that, all he can do is to present you with the unvarnished truth, no matter how you would have wanted it to turn out.

If you’re looking for the #1 cheating spouse detective in South Africa, please contact King Investigations for a free confidential consultation that’ll make the direction you need to take a lot easier to swallow.

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