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KING Investigators is a full-service Private Investigative ‘Privaat Speurders’ company in Raslouw. Full-service suggesting that no case is off limits. You can hire a private investigator for a cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend as well as locating someone like an adopted child, birth parent, relative or long-lost friend.

Private investigators can assist in child custody cases by conducting surveillance to make sure children are living in comfortable conditions, they are safe and that the parent is abiding by their custody arrangements.

In recent years employers have started to do background investigations of prospective employees to verify information to provide businesses with peace of mind. A private investigator can investigate employees that engage in theft, fraud and are in violation of agreements.

Additionally, private investigators can provide surveillance services on employees they might suspect are giving away free services or damaging and stealing company equipment.

Another scenario where background investigations are vital is when you’re choosing a partner for a new business venture. When entering a business relationship with an unknown person, you’ll want to check their credentials and history before taking any personal or financial risks. Anytime money is involved, it’s better to cover all your bases.

Our clients include private individuals, corporations, law firms, insurance companies, as well as international clients. Our services are available to anyone who needs assistance from a local private investigator to find out the truth.

Our PSIRA registered investigators have over 10 years of experience in the industry. We take great pride in providing some of the highest quality investigative services in Raslouw to each and every client. In order to offer this outstanding service, we use state of the art technology coupled with the highest level of professionalism.

If you’re looking for a private investigator for hire or you want to inquire about private investigator rates, speak to the team at King Investigators today.

Integrity and quality is everything. We are dedicated to providing timely, accurate, and honest information to all of our clients.



Whether it is real or imagined, contending with marital infidelity can be one of the most difficult personal situations you’ll ever have to manage. And while no one ever wants to face the suspicion…

Polygraph and Lie Detection

King Investigators will provide polygraph and Voice Stress Analysis services that can assist you in identifying risks before they are set into action. Polygraph testing is proven to be up to 98%


King Investigators performs surveillance on a majority of their cases. We are skilled at all aspects of surveillance and have the proper equipment to support our client’s needs. A majority of services…

Who are we

My name is Jacques Botha, I am a male registered Private Investigator and Owner. I have over 10 years experience as an Investigator and have extensive knowledge of all aspects of investigative operations both criminal and civil. Excellence in exploratory and analysis skills, working under pressure and performing multiple task at hand. I have handled high risk investigations in many countries including South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho, Brazil, Argentina and Swaziland. Using my knowledge and experience as an investigator my main concern is getting you the results you need, whichever they may be, so your mind is at peace.

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