Private investigators in South Africa

If, for any reason, you’re considering hiring private investigators in South Africa, you’ll need to do a bit of your own digging into the background, reputation and registration of every PI you add to a shortlist.

Private Investigators in South Africa

How to make sure you hire the top private investigators in South Africa:


  • Make sure the PI is registered professionally


Hiring a Mickey Mouse private investigator could end up being costly for you, which is why it’s essential that you do a check into the credentials of any PI you plan on talking to and ultimately hiring.


  • Is the PI & his firm registered with the PSIRA?


The PSIRA is the body that oversees the security industry and private investigators in South Africa, holding them to a high standard, which are standards that are important for your own protection.

Should you hire someone who isn’t registered with the PSIRA, you’ll have no protection or recourse should you in any way be taken for a ride, whether financially or in the form of evidence that is thrown out in court.


  • Criminal or civil case; make sure you choose the right PI


Whether yours is a criminal or civil case, make sure that the PI you choose to hire is able to provide you with all the investigative services you may require for a successful conclusion to your case.


  • Is honesty & integrity an integral part of the PI’s reputation?


If you’ve already looked into hiring King Investigators in South Africa, you’ll know that owner Jacques Botha and his team are highly trained, fully registered professionals, which means you’ll be able to request recommendations from previous clients.

Honesty and integrity is a big part of the success this team of private investigators enjoys, both in South Africa and internationally, which means that you can rely on the fact that your privacy and information will be protected in every possible way.


  • Check his level of experience 


If you’ve chosen to chat to King Investigators in South Africa, you’ll find you’re dealing with a team that has over 10 years experience in the field, which is vital for the success of your investigation.

This experience has to cover a wide range of investigations and investigative tools, which is why, as a full-service investigations firm; you’ll have the best at your side with King Investigators.


  • Check on the PI’s knowledge of state of the art technology


Since we live in a technologically-driven world, it’s essential that your PI has the professionalism that drives him and his team to use state of the art technology in their investigations.

This you’ll find is the case with King Investigators, without a doubt! 


  • Pay less & still get the highest in quality


A word of warning; if you’re still feeling your way about the decision about which PI to hire, if he’s antsy about his rates, move on to the next! If he won’t be frank with you about private investigator rates, it’s a good indication that he’s not on the level in any other way either!

If you want the best private investigators in South Africa on your side, contact Jacques at King Investigators today! 

You’ll find that he and his team meets all the above mentioned criteria, and more. These are professionals you can rely on for honest results delivered without wasting your time or money!


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