Partner with King Investigations to put paid to employee theft, fraud & asset misappropriation

It’s easy to get why people mostly associate private investigators with cases that involve infidelity, as well as with divorce and custody cases in which one or the other spouse is hiding assets that would benefit the other party.

The fact is that there are investigative companies such as King Investigators in South Africa that go a lot further than this, including assisting businesses with employee theft, stock theft, and fraud or asset misappropriation.

Essentially, many commercial businesses and corporations form long term close ties with the trusted team of private investigators at King Investigators as a proactive step in rooting out employee theft or other losses the company may be experiencing.

Taking proactive steps against company losses in any sense, goes a long way to protecting all that you have done to create a successful business in a challenging economic climate, and to give others employment in a dismal job market.

Prevention is better than the cure! It may be just a saying, but it’s a very true one, especially when it comes to the legalities involved in firing someone for dishonesty of any kind.

In the first place, if you want to get rid of an employee that is stealing from you, whether in product or financial theft, selling company secrets and customer data bases or taking kickbacks from suppliers, among other crimes that are prevalent in the workplace, you have to have concrete proof before you even think of involving the police or dismissing the employee outright!

The kind of evidence you need means you’ll need professional, trained private investigators to follow the trail, and go undercover if necessary, to be able to produce proof that cannot be questioned, which is exactly what the team at King Investigators are trained to do.

With over ten years experience in many different types of investigations, the team at King Investigators are highly trained veterans able to tackle everything from sensitive company information being stolen to polygraph tests and voice stress analysis stress analysis tests should they be necessary to prove guilt or innocence.

As licensed investigators, King Investigators are able to explore and access avenues of data and other information that the general public have no access to. This also means that they have the necessary analytical skill required to follow paper/tech trails of anything that is criminal, to get to the bottom of the matter and be able to pinpoint the guilty party.

Irrespective of whether yours is a major business with an extensive staff complement or one that employs only a few staff members, making sure that you have a trusted team of investigators you can rely on in a tight corner will be one of the best decisions you can make to protect your assets and even your reputation in your industry.

When you need professional investigators on your side that work from a basis of honesty and integrity, with a reputation to match, contact King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Johannesburg to get them into your corner in protecting your business interests!

Contact King Investigators to handle pre-employment polygraph tests & in-depth background checks before you hire someone new

There was a time when a man’s handshake was as good as his word, however, things have changed decidedly for the worst, on the back of exceptionally high unemployment rates and an economy further decimated by the devastation wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This has led to even the most honest of people lying on CV out of sheer desperation to find a job, and of course, we still have the usual suspects that have criminal reasons for wanting to apply for a position in your company, which means you have to be extra-careful about who you employ today.

Employing someone today on the strength of your sixth sense telling you they’re the real deal is risking your business on many levels, whether they plan on defrauding your company financially, embezzling funds or even selling sensitive company information criminal syndicates pay a fortune for.

Despite measures such as the installation of CCTV monitors and other security measures that have become commonplace in commercial businesses today, there can be no doubt that those with criminal intentions are as sophisticated about how to get around these security blocks.

Despite these sophisticated security measures put in place, South African business is losing millions every year to employee theft, which is where the need for hiring a trusted professional private investigator becomes an exceptionally valuable tool for protecting your interests in a proactive manner.

Hiring and retaining the services of a team of investigators such as those at King Investigators, to carry out pre-employment polygraph testing in tandem with in-depth background checks, has become a fundamental first step for many businesses planning to hire new staff.

The facts have to be faced here that even though a new employee may come through with flying colours, the temptation to line their pockets can crop up at any time, every bit as much as it can with an employee you’ve trusted for many years already.

However, hiring King Investigators to carry out professional polygraph testing on potential new employees is going to give you a truer version of who the person is than what their CV may say!

Should polygraph testing or voice stress analysis testing become necessary once a crime has occurred in your business, whether of company assets or on a financial basis, you can rely on the professionals at King Investigators to get to the bottom of the case so that you have the correct evidence with which to then punish the perpetrator.

Should it be necessary, the team at King Investigators will be able to go undercover as an employee at your business to gather evidence that is irrefutable once collated and presented to you, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re dealing with professionals that have been in the industry for well over ten years already.

With a firm commitment to handling all their cases based on a strong code of ethics that includes honesty, integrity and quick delivery of results this team is able to carry out any investigation successfully while adhering strictly to the code of ethics that governs their industry.

Whether you need to hire a private investigator in South Africa for personal or business reasons, contact King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town to make sure you have the best of the best in your corner!

When emotions run high in divorce or infidelity cases, contact King Investigators to gather evidence the right way!

When a marriage breaks down due to infidelity, drug abuse, alcohol abuse or physical, emotional and financial abuse, the worst thing you could possibly do is to try to document evidence of this on your own, or by involving family and friends.

So many of these situations are extremely emotionally volatile, we’ve watched them played out on the news and in movies enough to know that there is a lot of danger involved in trying to tackle the nastier side of divorce, cheating or abuse on your own.

When you hire the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa from King Investigators, you’ll have a team on your side who are able to tackle your case without becoming emotionally invested in the situation, which could easily lead to mistakes in the investigation, and, if ever you need a cool head on your side, it’s when you’re going through any of these scenarios!

The training, experience and knowledge owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, has to his credit, along with the team he works with, is essential in terms of having to carry out undercover surveillance, and this can only be carried out successfully with the experience he and his team has had on the ground and out in the field.

As died-in-the-wool professionals, the team of investigators at King Investigators are also totally committed to retaining their excellent reputation for delivering successful results without having to rip off clients when it comes to the budget the client has with which to work.

These seasoned investigators are not in the business of ripping off their clients either, unlike some of their shadier counterparts. They’ll make sure to work within your budget, and, because they know that situations like this are more common than most may think, they’ll also be sensitive to your requests about how you’d like the investigation to unfold.

This successful investigative company in South Africa was founded on principles that include honesty, integrity and service excellence, essential ingredients that this team is uncompromisingly dedicated to upholding, even after over ten years in the investigative field.

There is a code of ethics that is enforced by the PSiRA, which is the governing body for the industry, and, as a registered member of PSiRA, you can feel confident that you’ll be dealing with PI’s that won’t compromise or cross lines to make up evidence, or to provide you with evidence that won’t hold any water in court.

If you have any of the above-mentioned circumstances going on in your life, you can rely on Jacques and his team to treat your case with the sensitivity it deserves, and to take your suspicions seriously as they work with you to lay out a roadmap for a successful investigation.

According to your initial discussions with Jacques at King Investigators, you’ll be able to determine just how much evidence you need, any of which can include time-stamped photos and videos, as well as a comprehensive written report detailing any activities that were not caught on camera or that would have overstepped privacy laws and those of misrepresentation or trespassing.

Irrespective of what you may feel about having to hire a private investigator in South Africa, for whatever reason, know that you are not alone in it, and, if you want the best on your side, contact King Investigators today to find out more about what they can do to assist you in gathering evidence the right way!

An undercover investigator has to adopt the characteristics of a chameleon to blend in anywhere, at any time!

Aside from the extensive skill, training and experience that’s required to be a successful undercover operator, investigators such as the team at King Investigators in South Africa also have to be able to blend in anywhere out in the field, so that the danger of being exposed is out of the question.

Rigorous training in a full range of skill sets are essential for any undercover specialist to carry out successful investigations that do not endanger their client or themselves, as many undercover investigations are requested at times when there are volatile emotions involved.

This volatility and danger can happen whether the team is following a cheating spouse, gathering evidence of employee theft or a myriad of other types of bases, both civil and criminal, which is why you deserve to know that you will be safe for the duration of the investigation.

King Investigators adhere to a strict code of conduct in all they do, following the guidelines set out by the PSiRA, which is the governing body overseeing the security industry in South Africa, which is exactly what will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve chosen the right investigator to tackle your case.

You can rely implicitly on the fact that evidence presented to you at the conclusion of a case will be of such high quality that it can be considered incontrovertible, gathered using only legal tactics to obtain this quality that you can rely on.

You can also rely implicitly on this team to treat all your communications with them as sacrosanct and confidential, which is really important if you’ve finally found the strength to hire a private investigator, whether in your personal capacity or business capacity.

As undercover operatives, owner Jacques Botha and his team at King Investigators invest all their experience in thinking out of the box, enabling them to adapt quickly to changing situations on the ground during surveillance, which is fundamental to the success of your case.

As a full-service investigative company, the experts at King Investigators are able to penetrate any area, in any industry sector, going undercover as an employee in order to carry out undercover surveillance undetected!

Should your case touch on issues that are especially sensitive, such as abuse, spouse on spouse or on children, this team has truly seen it all in their years and they know exactly how to get to the truth of the matter to protect you and your family.

Confidentiality, sensitivity and integrity is all part of every investigative service possible offered by King Investigators, and it’s this absolute dedication to excellence, professionalism and honesty that will guarantee the incontrovertible proof you may need for any case you need investigated!

Hire the top PI’s in South Africa for a successful conclusion to your case!

If you want the most trusted professional private investigators in South Africa on your case, the best place you could start is right here, with King Investigators in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria!

As an investigative company with a superb reputation after ten years in the field, King Investigators is a team of professionals that operate on a national and global level, bringing to the table skills that have been finely honed to handle a full range of investigative services from Johannesburg to Cape Town and Pretoria.

As a result of the reputation earned by this team, headed by owner Jacques Botha, King Investigators are the go-to team for international investigators when they need assistance with investigations in South Africa.

Aside from their reputation for honesty and integrity, overseas investigators rely on this team for their in-depth knowledge of the unique range of customs across a broad range of cultures and nationalities.

It’s this intimate knowledge of the lay of the land in South Africa that gives King Investigators the necessary experience and skill to bring cases to a swift conclusion for the network of overseas investigators they assist.

The fact that King Investigators has a team made up of licensed investigators and is also registered with the PSiRA, which is the governing body for the security industry in South Africa is also an excellent recommendation when it comes to knowing whether you’re dealing with investigators that will not jeopardise your case by using illegal methods to obtain evidence.

Few investigators are able to blend into the background during undercover surveillance like this team can, and, with the consummate ability that they each have to communicate on all levels, with people from every walk of life is yet another feather in the cap of this consistently successful team.

If you want evidence you know will be irrefutable in a court case, this is the team for you. Under no circumstances do they use illegal methods such as misrepresentation, invasion of privacy, entrapment or trespassing in order to manufacture questionable evidence that will be of no value to you, either in court or in financial terms.

You’ll simply be left holding a bag of useless evidence added to a financial loss, as well as possibly having to face legal troubles as a result of presenting illegally obtained evidence to present for your case!

As a well established, large investigative company means that King Investigators can move on your case at the drop of a hat, and, as true professionals, they are always available to your the duration of the investigation.

Dedicated to responsible, effective investigation in any type of case, whether for private individuals or large commercial businesses, you can rely on King Investigators to use all their training and skill to carry out an investigation on multi-levels, including expert undercover surveillance.

Whether on a personal level you want to hire the number one cheating spouse detective in South Africa, or, on a larger scale, hire the team to investigate any issue to do with business intelligence services, carry out in-depth background checks or carry out professional polygraph testing, this team will be at your service, treating your case with absolute confidentiality and professionalism.

Know that when you contact King Investigators, you will have the finest private investigators in South Africa at your side, working with you to protect your personal and business interests through sheer service excellence!



Is your spouse really cheating on you & would you even want to know the truth?

Things change as we get older, we all know about mid-life crises as we get closer to our mortality, which is why it’s important to make sure that your sixth sense is on the right track if you suspect that you are living with a cheating spouse.

Not everyone facing a mid-life crises who changes some of their behaviours is necessarily having an affair, but, when too many pieces start falling in place, suspicion that its more than that may ultimately lead you to want to face the truth, no matter how painful.

Infidelity and affairs are bitter pills to swallow for any of us, especially when all you have to rely on initially is your sixth sense, you may well have to digest the statistics that have proven that 85% of those who suspect they’re being cheated on are right.

It’s at the point that you’re willing to bite the bullet and hire a cheating spouse detective, either to confirm your spouse is cheating on you, or, that it really is just that your spouse becomes serious about changing things about their health and physical appearance to get them out of the slump.

Today we have internet chat rooms and mobile chat forums that make it easy to start a virtual affair, which is very easy to do, however, for most of us, finding out that our partner is having a virtual, sexually or romantically explicit chat with strangers it is as devastating as the real thing is.

It’s really one small step from there for an online affair to become the real thing when the two parties agree to meet, which is why, when your spouse becomes secretive about laptops, mobile phones or PC’s, you may need to have a serious chat about it to clarify what’s going on.

Unfortunately, when someone is having an affair and you confront them about it, they’ll either tell you you’re imagining it or, even worse, turn the suspicion on you to alleviate their own guilt.

The decision to hire a cheating spouse detective in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria is not going to be an easy one, and, though it won’t make it any easier for you to do so, you are not alone.

This is when you need a PI you can trust, which will mean a bit of homework on your part, to make sure that you hire one that takes your suspicions seriously, especially when you consider that the PI is going to be in on some of the most intimate details regarding your relationship.

This is a field that the team of licensed private investigators at King Investigators know well, with over ten years in the field, and, with all they have seen they fully understand how difficult these uncharted waters will be for you.

This is a team committed to protecting you, first and foremost. They are sensitive enough to understand your pain but professional enough to remain emotionally uninvolved, which is what will ultimately make it easier for you at a time when your emotions are more than likely in turmoil.

From the outset, you can rely on King Investigators to work with you to lay plans for the investigation, always taking into account your budget and your comfort zone, without being any less committed to evidence delivered with honesty and integrity.

Should you need proof of cheating for a divorce, you can rely 100% on this team of skilled professionals to leave no stone unturned in their search for the truth on your behalf, just as they have for hundreds of other cases involving infidelity.

Once the investigation has been concluded and the evidence presented to you in the form of time-stamped video footage and photos, along with a written report that details the movements of your spouse not caught on video or photos.

Contact King Investigators today for a confidential chat about your need to know the truth of whether or not your spouse is cheating, and from there you’ll be able to decide on what happens to your marriage or relationship from a position of power, based solid information and evidence.

Leave tracing missing people up to the professionals at King Investigators

There are as many reasons that people go missing as there are different types of people in the world, and, when someone goes missing, whether it’s a family member or someone trying to avoid facing a civil case, you need a professional on your side to have a successful outcome to the tracing of the missing person.

The team at King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town have an immense amount of experience in locating missing loved ones, relatives you’ve lost contact with or even catching up with old school friends. Whatever the reason you need someone traced, King Investigators will assist you to get the right groundwork laid for tracing a missing person.

This groundwork will include all the information you have about the person that is missing, information that includes anything such as career or schooling information, date of birth or ID number, old acquaintances and other names of relatives in extended families.

Of course, because every tracing case is unique, according to Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, he and his team of professional PI’s may need to get out into the field to further any hint of a trail in an effort to provide you with a satisfactory outcome ultimately.

Aside from the respected reputation this team has earned for itself as a top investigative company in South Africa, they’ve also built up a very important and necessary network of other professionals who are able to assist them in different fields during tracing, including tracing for international investigative companies.

This works both ways, in that if someone has left a trail that leads overseas, King Investigators have the international experience to follow that trail, as well as being able to assist people from around the world to locate people that may have gone missing in South Africa.

People sometimes go missing as a result of a personal decision or because they’re involved in illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, child trafficking or gun running, for instance.

There are also often a range of mental health issues behind the disappearance of people, especially in the case of elderly people suffering with Alzheimer’s or others with drug or substance abuse issues, making it a pretty wide open field when it comes to tracing someone.

Unfortunately kidnapping and abduction also fill the case files for the team at King Investigators, however, with the experience and training these expert investigators have to back them up, they go all the way in making sure that no stone is unturned in tracing missing people, irrespective of the reasons behind the case.

A terrifying situation for many families is when a child is abducted by a parent and taken out of the country, however, the knowledge and network the team at King Investigators has at their disposal allows them to take the case further than an already overloaded, understaffed police service is able to.

Its important to note that, as a registered investigative company with the PSiRA, which is the governing body of their industry, this team will do nothing illegal to compromise evidence by going outside of the law, all it means is they have more leeway than the police services do in certain areas.

Only by collecting evidence on a missing person in a way that puts honesty and integrity above making a buck can you rest assured that whatever evidence is turned up by King Investigators will stand up to scrutiny in court, if this will be the case.

Contact Jacques and his team at King Investigators today to lay the groundwork for tracing a missing person the right way!

Choose the largest network of seasoned PI’s in South Africa to handle your investigation for a successful outcome

King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town offers you the largest network of seasoned investigators, operating as a full-service investigative company, bringing to any investigation, no matter how big or small, more than ten years experience in the industry.

As licensed investigators, this team is able to follow avenues of information and data collection the average man in the street cannot do, which means that you can rely on these professionals to follow every scent on the trail to uncover the evidence you may need to rely on for a court case if necessary.

King Investigators have, after closing hundreds of cases involving infidelity, earned the reputation for being the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, and, in our ever-evolving technological age, infidelity has become one of the top reasons individuals take the step to hire a PI.

Along the same lines, though it isn’t in the least a romantic sounding proposition, a lot of private individuals who are starting a new romantic relationship hire a private investigator to do an in-depth background check on their new love interest, purely as a way of protecting themselves in the long run.

While we still have stars in our eyes about a new relationship, the last thing you want is to find that your love interest is married, is abusive or is involved with drugs or other criminal activities. For this reason it’s worth protecting not only your heart, but in some cases your finances and even your life.

A lot of princesses and princes turn into monsters once they’ve dug their claws too deep into your heart and life, so make sure you protect yourself by hiring a PI to do the digging for you, before it’s too late!

If you have children, this becomes even more important, especially when people target single parents just to get to their children, who deserve our utmost protection, no matter how uncomfortable it may be to hire a private investigator for deeply personal times such as these.

As a full-service investigative firm in South Africa, the team of professionals at King Investigators are able to take on a vast range of investigative services. These range from insurance claims investigations, employee theft investigations, due diligence services, polygraph testing and tracing missing people, to name but a few.

This is a team that isn’t shy to remain on the cutting edge of new technology as it becomes available to assist with investigations. The benefit of technology is that it not only cuts down on time spent on an investigation, it also means great financial benefits and a quick resolution to your case.

From the moment you contact owner Jacques Botha at King Investigators, you’ll find that you’re dealing with people that are well above board in their dealings, making sure they work within your budget and still deliver quality evidence at the conclusion of the case.

They are fully committed to providing you with swift results and final investigative reports containing incontrovertible proof that you can take to court in full confidence that it will stand up to any scrutiny!

Contact King Investigators today to make absolutely certain that your investigation with have a successful conclusion you can rely on 100%!