If you need proof of infidelity, you need to hire a professional PI with the right credentials

Any private investigator that has spent a lot of his time on investigations into cheating spouses will tell you to leave the gathering of proof of infidelity to professionals, and not to try to get the proof on your own.

The mere thought that your spouse is cheating on you and having an affair is painful enough, without having to put yourself under the emotionally charged pressure of finding evidence of cheating on your own!

Even worse is when you try to rope your family or friends into helping you to gather proof of cheating. The emotional cost is high for all concerned, and, more than that, you could put yourself in danger or, end up with the kind of evidence that simply won’t hold water in court, which is the last thing you want if you want to be on the winning side of a divorce case!

King Investigators in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria are the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, having successfully investigated hundreds of cases of cheating or infidelity, locally and internationally.

If the evidence you need is for a divorce case or custody case, it needs to be gathered legally, by experienced professionals who respect boundaries not to be crossed, such as using tactics that include misrepresentation, invasion of privacy or trespassing, to name a few.

Integrity, experience, professionalism and honesty, backed up by an excellent reputation garnered over more than ten years in the industry, are hallmarks you can expect from any undercover investigation undertaken by owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, and his team of licensed investigators.

What you can expect from Jacques and his team is down-to-earth advice and absolute clarity about how your investigation can be carried out in a way that will meet with your budget.

This is an investigative company you can rely on never to pad an expense account with imaginary costs, their reputation for getting results you can rely on without spending more time than is necessary on the case, is one that they won’t compromise on!

If you need proof of infidelity, here’s why it’s best not to do it yourself, but to hire a professional private investigator!

He is able to retain a level-headed approach to the investigation

As professionals, private investigators are not emotionally invested in cases involving cheating and infidelity, which is exactly what you would need as support during a difficult experience like this that takes you into uncharted territory.

Though not emotionally invested, your PI does take your suspicions seriously as you go through the steps to decide on the course of the investigation.

The team at King Investigators fully understand how difficult this investigation will be for you, especially in light of the fact that you’ll need to act as if everything is fine for the duration of the investigation, so as not to tip off your spouse that they are under surveillance.

He has the vital skill set & experience necessary for undercover surveillance

Jacques and his team at King Investigators have successfully closed thousands of cheating spouse cases in South Africa, and, with over ten years experience out in the field as undercover surveillance operatives, you can rely on the fact that you’ll be dealing with professionals that have an exceptional level of experience to bring to your case.

He’ll leave no stone unturned!

Sheer determination is a vital quality when it comes to investigating infidelity and cheating, and King Investigators have a solid reputation for leaving no stone unturned in any investigation they undertake.

They use state of the art technology combined with boots-on-the-ground expertise to deliver results you can rely on, especially if the evidence they present you with at the conclusion of your investigation is to be used in court.

It’s never an easy decision to hire a private investigator to prove whether or not your spouse is cheating on you, but, rest assured that once you’ve had a confidential chat with Jacques about where to next, it’ll be easier to take the next step, based on the down-to-earth honesty you can expect from King Investigators!

Contact King Investigators for full-service private investigations in South Africa

In order to be able to claim to be a full-service private investigative company in South Africa, King Investigators provides investigative services that range from cheating spouse investigations, right through to business intelligence services, without missing a beat.

This is a team of professionals that’ll track down employees that are stealing from your business; follow a paper trail of a spouse hiding assets in a divorce case or carry out professional lie detector tests.

In addition to the analytical ability this team of investigators has in following paper trails wherever they lead, or analysing reams of data to get to the bottom line, they also remain on the cutting edge of state of the art technology as it develops.

This technology is used by this team to improve investigative timelines and save clients money, especially when it comes to combining analytical skills with extensive experience in undercover surveillance.

Naturally, the explosion of technology that continues on an upward trajectory has already had a major impact on the way that criminality has changed.

There are a lot more ways to commit fraud, lie, steal and cheat through technology than there ever was before, and, even having an affair and cheating on your spouse has become a different ballgame with technology!

Here are a few examples of the full range of investigative services provided by King Investigators in South Africa:

In-depth background checks

Having been in the investigations field for over ten years, King Investigators has the necessary resources and connections to make sure that whether you need an in-depth background check into someone you’re planning on employing or someone you’re taking on as a new business partner or, perhaps someone that’s a possible new love interest in your life, you’ll know everything about that person before you make any decisions!

Expert undercover surveillance

The team of licensed private investigators at King Investigators bring many years worth of experience to what can sometimes be the dangerous field of undercover surveillance.

They know exactly how to disappear into the background and how to adapt to changing situations on the ground during an undercover operation, which is absolutely necessary, not just for a successful investigation, but also to protect themselves and their clients!

Cheating spouse detectives

Cases involving cheating spouses are unfortunately one of the main reasons individuals hire King Investigators, and, having carried out thousands of cases involving infidelity, you can rely on this team to produce evidence that’s true and cannot be disputed.

It’s for this reason that King Investigators is known as the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, to the extent that they have the experience of carrying out investigations in other Sub-Saharan countries and internationally!

Polygraph testing

Using the very latest in polygraph technology, King Investigators will, through the use of polygraph services in a range of cases, such as for pre-employment screening, criminal testing, domestic disputes and more!

If you’d like to be able to identify risks before they are set in motion, such as protecting your business from hiring employees that could cause damage to your business, polygraph testing and voice stress analysis testing are the best proactive steps you can take to minimise risks, whether in your personal or business life.

Along with these types of investigations, the experts at King Investigators are also uniquely able to provide Business Intelligence Services and Due Diligence Services, which, as you can see, makes them a top full-service private investigative company in South Africa!

Contact owner of King Investigators Jacques Botha to find out more about what he and his team of professional investigators can do to assist you with any investigation you may need them to undertake on your behalf.

If you need evidence that’ll be admissible in court, hire a reputable PI in South Africa!

If you want to be absolutely certain that the evidence you require in a court case will be irrefutable, and that it’ll have been gathered within legal boundaries, then you need to be absolutely certain that you hire an professional private investigator that values honesty and integrity highly.

Depending on the case in question, you could ask friends or business associates for recommendations if they’ve had to hire a PI, however, in most cases, it’s something you’d probably prefer to keep it very private, especially if it involves finding proof of infidelity.

Ultimately, this puts you in the position of having to become your own investigator on the hunt for the right person to trust with your case, which means you’ll have to check into whether a private investigator you’re considering has the background and experience to tackle your specific case.

You can ask the PI for recommendations from previous clients that have used his services for investigations similar to yours. He will know how to protect the identity of their client in the process, but you’ll have bona fide recommendations to base your decision on, and, if he’s cagey about any of this, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

Above all, you want a private investigator that places high value on sticking to the code of conduct that governs his industry, which in South Africa is the PSiRA, the governing body that can protect you should you have problems with private investigator.

Another very important factor that contributes towards your ability to feel confidence in an investigator is whether he is open about the costs of the investigation, and to do so in a way that is in line with your budget. He should have enough experience and knowledge to know exactly how to cut costs yet still provide you with quality evidence.

Some of the ways in which the costs of an investigation can remain affordable is through the use of state of the art technology that any investigator today should be up to date with. A lot of this technology saves time on the investigation, which results in private investigator rates that can be tailored to any budget.

King Investigators in South Africa check all the right boxes!

King Investigators in South Africa check all the right boxes if what you want is to do things the right way. With over ten years of experience in the field, this team of investigators combines many spheres of investigation with the use of state of the art technology, to make sure that any evidence they present to a client is of the highest calibre.

This team, under the direction of owner Jacques Botha, collects evidence for divorce cases, child custody cases, business intelligence cases and infidelity cases, to name a few of their considerable range of services.

King Investigators are professionals registered with the PSiRA

You can check on any investigator and his legitimacy on the PSiRA website, and, if he and his investigative company are registered here, you’ll know that you’re dealing with a professional that’s on the level.

Not only is owner of King Investigators registered with the PSiRA, he and his team of investigators are all licensed private investigators with a high level of training and experience, which gives them the ability to assure clients of the veracity of the evidence they’ll present at the conclusion of an investigation.

King Investigators stick to the law when gathering evidence

If you hire a PI that doesn’t think twice about doing things that are against the law to gather evidence, or, as in some cases, manufacture false evidence, your case will fall apart in court.

Private investigators are not allowed to use tactics such as entrapment, misrepresentation or violation of privacy in their pursuit of the truth, because if they do, you could end up in hot water legally when evidence gathered the wrong way is thrown out of court.

When one considers the fact that the team at King Investigators are seldom called on to appear in court because the quality of the evidence they present is so high, you can be confident that you’ll have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth out of these professionals, when you need it most!

If the case you need investigated is destined for court, contact Jacques and his team for a confidential chat about how to get the investigation off the ground, with a team you can rely on to deliver the goods every time, without wasting your time or money in the process!

Are you ready to institute pre-employment polygraph testing to protect your business interests?

It has become common business practice these days for owners to take a proactive approach towards protecting their businesses from criminal elements they may inadvertently hire, on the basis of a manufactured CV, by hiring a private investigator to carry out pre-employment polygraph testing on potential employees.

It’s certainly one of the best preventative measures you could take to ensure that you’re hiring the right person, though of course this can’t be said to be infallible, there’s always one that may slip through the net.

That said though, if potential employees know that they’re going to be going through an in-depth background check that’ll also involve a polygraph test, it’ll already weed out the ones you don’t want ahead of interviews.

Once you’re faced with employee theft, whether of goods or money, more often than not, because you can’t just fire an employee without proof, you’re going to sit with that employee until you’ve exhausted the legal route to get rid of them.

Employee theft of every type is increasing year on year, especially with the damage that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an already crippled economy, and with a massive increase in unemployment, which is costing businesses millions every year in South Africa.

Why are businesses turning to pre-employment polygraph testing?

Gut feelings are out & reality is in!

We’d all still like to trust what our gut feelings tell us when we meet someone we may employ, however, especially when it comes to employing staff for sensitive positions in bookkeeping for instance, gut feelings have had to take a backseat to the reality of in-depth background checks and pre-employment polygraph tests in an effort to cut down on employee theft and other criminal activities.

The need to know the full story behind the CV is essential!

It’s a fact that, rather than to take a dishonest employee to court, a lot of businesses will simply let the employee go, and, though they won’t have a glowing recommendation, there won’t be any mark there to tell you that you’re actually dealing with a criminal.

This makes it essential to know exactly who you’re dealing with before letting anyone into your business.

Crime syndicates, technology & manipulated CV’s!

There’s no doubt that technology has given crime syndicates targeting specific industries a new doorway into corrupting staff in sensitive positions, such as those that work in R&D, patenting, important company data and customer data bases.

These crime syndicates pay top dollar for information they can then sell to the opposition or competition, causing a ripple effect of damage to many companies that are in any event, just staying afloat in the current economic conditions!

Getting someone into your business to do the crime isn’t that difficult, if all you do is go on the face value of a CV, however, these can be manipulated to make false information appear real, and, when you call supposed references, what you really get on the other end of the line is a member of the syndicate putting the final touch to their criminal plans.

High-risk behaviour that can damage your business & reputation

No one can afford to hire an alcoholic, drug addict, child abuser or someone guilty of sexual misconduct, because at some point this will come back on you and the reputation of your business.

Rather than take the chance you may be lucky enough to employ one of the above that doesn’t get exposed, you owe it to yourself and your business success to protect your interests by making pre-employment polygraph testing and in-depth background checks a rule, rather than the exception.

Call in the polygraph experts from King Investigators in South Africa!

As highly trained, skilled private investigators, with more than ten years in the industry, the team at King Investigators in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town, will be more than happy to give you confidential guidance on where to begin making sure you cover all your bases in protecting your business with pre-employment polygraph testing.

Call King Investigators today to get the ball rolling on a proactive route towards protecting your assets and business interests!