Do you need a private investigator that can cross borders on a case?

Well-established networks with other professionals in the world of private investigations, along with extensive experience, are fundamental qualities you need from a PI who will need to tackle your case if it’s on an international and local basis.

In general, because of the nature of travel today, a majority of international private investigators form ad-hoc partnerships with other professionals across the globe, so that each can act as support when a subject under investigation travels extensively in South Africa and across her borders.

This would be necessary in a case such as following a spouse they suspect is cheating on them during their travels, and, in terms of international investigators, they often need to team up with a South African PI on the basis that he knows more about the customs of his country than his counterpart may know.

A private investigator from the UK or America will find it tough going to keep a subject under surveillance in South Africa, by the mere fact that local cultures and customs are far removed from that of a city like New York or London.

Certain areas in South Africa are dangerous to enter, and only a local PI will know how to blend in to enter these areas without endangering their lives in the process of carrying out undercover surveillance.

Because South Africa has an extremely diverse culture, and with each culture sticking to their own customs, suburbs and general hangouts, it will be close on impossible for an outsider to carry out an investigation on his own, without a local counterpart.

When undercover surveillance plays a major role in the investigation, the chance of success will rest in the ability of the investigator to blend in to the surroundings in such a way that no one will notice him.

For all these reasons, many top international investigators rely on King Investigators to carry out investigations in South Africa in their behalf, knowing that they can be confident that this team of top investigators will be able to produce results and evidence of the highest quality.

This is only possible for the team at King Investigators due to the experience this team has had over ten years in the field, in their professionalism and expertise in undercover surveillance.

Having had to tackle his own fair share of high risk investigations in countries as diverse as Brazil, Argentina, Swaziland, Mozambique and other sub-Saharan countries, owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, has been exposed to a unique insight into customs that are very different to those in South Africa.

The dissemination of information and the ability to take an analytical tack on every piece of information dug up, is what separates Jacques and his team from most other private investigators south of the equator.

It is the combination of all these abilities and skill sets he and his team of registered private investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape that has earned them a reputation for being able to multitask on every type of investigation that crosses their desk.

If you want the best private investigators in South Africa on your side, no matter where the case may take them, give Jacque a call for a confidential consultation that will set the wheels in motion for a professional investigation that will deliver results without wasting time or money!

10 Questions to ask a cheating spouse detective before hiring him

There is little that can hit so hard as betrayal by someone you love, whether it’s a cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. Even the gut punch when someone you consider a trusted friend or beloved family member betrays your trust is something we’d all rather never have to face.

It’s very lonely when it’s just you and your sixth sense telling you that something isn’t right, which is generally that in-between time when we least want to give voice to our suspicions to anyone, including those closest to you.

You’ll find that there’s more information on the web about the signs to look out for if you suspect infidelity than you may want to explore, but, it could help to give you a place to start, before you decide to hire a cheating spouse detective in South Africa.

Keeping an eye out for signs such as whether your partner has suddenly password protected a mobile phone, becomes secretive about phone calls, emails or messages.

If you get to a point where suspicion is eating you up and causing friction in your relationship, then perhaps it’s time to talk to a cheating spouse detective about the best route to take if you do want to know for sure that your spouse is cheating on you.

Before you hire a private investigator to provide evidence of cheating, you’ll need to steel yourself for what the evidence may show at the conclusion of the investigation.

Here are the important questions to ask a cheating spouse detective before you hire him:

How long has he been in the field?

You’ll probably find that most private investigators come from a background in law enforcement, which is always a positive since he’ll know how to gather evidence legally.  His background and experience is of utmost importance if you want the investigation to have any real merit.

Does he offer a full-service range of investigative services?

If you’re hiring a PI to uncover the truth about whether or not your spouse is cheating on you, it won’t help if all he does is investigations that focus on white collar crime or fraud for instance.  Your best bet is to hire a PI that is able to multitask in order to cover all aspects of any given investigation.

Is he a registered PI?

In the case of Jacques Botha, who is owner of King Investigations in Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg, you can have absolute confidence in the fact that he is a registered Private Investigator with over ten years worth of experience in the industry. As far as professional credentials go, Jacques and his team of investigators are on the up and up in every way.

Is he registered with the PSiRA?

The PSiRA is the governing body that oversees and enforces the code of conduct expected of the security industry and that of private investigators. Should you decide to hire a PI who isn’t affiliated and registered with the PSiRA, you could be headed for disaster, in which case you could well pay for evidence that is of no value at all due to the way in which it is gathered.

Will your PI be available during the investigation?

If you’ve chosen to hire King Investigators, you can be absolutely certain that your investigator will keep you updated throughout the course of the investigation, so that you won’t be left in the dark at any point.

Will he discuss costs openly and honestly?

As an investigative firm that bases its reputation on integrity and honesty, you can be absolutely sure that the team at King Investigators will openly discuss costs with you, and, taking your budget into account, will present you with a few options that could save you money and still get the best results.

Don’t trust an investigator who avoids discussing costs, he’ll likely be the one to pad your account with non-existent charges!

Is he ethical about gathering evidence?

You really do need to do your homework on this point, because any evidence that is illegally obtained will be of no value to you in a court case. In fact, his actions could land you in hot water legally!

Will he be able to give you references?

Although names of clients may be withheld, make sure you request references from individuals or companies that have already benefitted from the services of the firm, to set your mind at ease regarding his reputation in the industry.

Will you get a detailed report?

If the evidence you need is for a court case, King Investigators will provide you with time-stamped photos and videos, as well as a detailed written report to support the rest of the evidence gathered.

Can he give you a guarantee about the result of the investigation?

No private investigator can give you a guarantee about anything to do with the investigation other than to leave no stone unturned in getting to the truth. However, what King Investigators will guarantee is that the evidence you are presented with will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

His only role is to provide you with the unvarnished truth, no matter how you may have wanted it to turn out.

If you’re looking for the #1 cheating spouse detective in South Africa, make sure you contact King Investigations for a free confidential consultation, at which time you can decide on what your next step will be.

7 Reasons legal firms hire private investigators regularly

Gathering solid evidence necessary to win a case in court is fundamental to the legal profession, hence the necessity it’s become for many legal firms hiring private investigators on a retainer.

The attorney does not have the time or resources to follow every lead that may bring about the required evidence, and it’s here that having a good relationship with a trustworthy, reliable investigations company allows the attorney to focus on all other aspects of any given case.

The legal aspects of what attorneys have to deal with in regard to the exhaustive research that goes into building any case take up a major chunk of their time, leaving them with little or no leeway to move out of and away from research regarding all the legal aspects of the case.

It is always a benchmark of success when attorneys team up with qualified, professional private investigators, and it’s a partnership that bears close inspection for attorneys that have not yet found a trusted private investigator.

So, what can a PI do to assist attorneys in building a solid case?

A private investigator isn’t tied to a desk. He’s the one that’ll do the legwork out in the field, going over evidence already presented regarding the scene of a crime, and finding missing witnesses, locating hidden assets and gathering any type of information that will be beneficial to the attorney on behalf of the client.

Let’s look at 8 reasons law firms hire private investigators:

No nasty surprises creeping in during court appearances

Making sure that there are no hidden surprises or secrets about a client that may compromise the case in the beginning stages of the case is invaluable to any attorney.

Experience that saves time & money

Billable hours is what it’s all about when it comes to any court case involving an attorney, a principle on which private investigators also operate.

Their brief is to cut down on billable hours and still build a strong case, built on watertight evidence.

Strengthening the case at minimal cost

Without solid evidence, any case an attorney is tackling is already getting closer to being up against a brick wall without necessary evidence, however, if the legal firm has the right private investigator on a retainer, this becomes a moot point.

Easing the burden of finding proof

As attorneys, much of the time spent on cases is focussed on the legalities, as discussed above, however, when working in tandem with a PI, the burden of proof shifts from the attorney to the PI in terms of evidence gathering.

This is a logical partnership that saves both time and money for all parties involved in any case.

Presenting the proof

Today we have the technology to assist private investigators with all they need to produce time-stamped, high resolution photos and videos, and in addition to this, a report is presented that includes all other activities that were not captured visually.

Finding information no one else can

No one can dig quite as deeply as a PI to get to all the information any attorney may need, based on their specialised knowledge and use of databases most have no access to, making them the best resource for finding people who don’t want to be found as an attorney prepares for trial.

Litigation experience

A seasoned, experienced and well-trained PI is able to follow the trail of fraud investigations that involve insurance companies, as well as to assist with finding hidden assets based on his own knowledge of the law and litigation.

The power of surveillance

Surveillance isn’t for the inexperienced, no doubt about that! Too much hangs in the balance in any case if the investigator is detected by the subject under investigation.

Undercover surveillance is an art, most often used in divorce cases, cheating spouse cases, custody cases and more, but, if not carried out by a seasoned investigator, any evidence gathered becomes tainted, especially if not gathered according to the rules and regulations of the industry.

Trust the best to build a watertight case

Having built up a highly respected reputation in the industry, the team of seasoned PI’s at King Investigators in South Africa have the experience, honesty and transparency that would be of high value to any legal firm looking for a team they can trust to deliver evidence that cannot be refuted.

Give them a call today for a confidential chat to discuss joining forces with them to bring court cases to a successful end for all.

Does your private investigator have to appear in court on your behalf?

If you’ve chosen to hire King Investigators, you can be pretty sure that due to the quality of evidence they’ll produce for you, they won’t have to appear in court at all!

This is a team of professional, registered private investigators that have earned a phenomenal reputation for tackling everything they do in a manner that’s honest, open and above board, which is why they seldom need to appear in court to support the evidence they’ve uncovered.

It’s easy to lose a court case if you choose the wrong PI, especially if it’s one who will manufacture evidence and ignore the legalities involved in gathering evidence that will be of any value.

It’ll be a good idea for you to do your own bit of investigating when it comes to making sure you hire a bona fide investigator who respects and adheres to the regulations of his industry, which is governed by the PSiRA. This is the best way to make sure that the evidence your legal team presents in court cannot be disputed or thrown out.

King Investigators in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town are of the ilk that will not waver from the respect their company has earned as a result of their honesty, integrity and determination not to waste time or money for any client.

Integrity, honesty and a strict code of ethics are the driving force behind this team of investigators who don’t waste a client’s time or money, which is fundamental to the delivery of evidence that’s irrefutable in any court of law.

The offer of a free telephonic or online consultation from Jacques and his team goes a long way to making clients feel more comfortable about having to hire a private investigator, since it’s not something any of us do on a regular basis as individuals.

Along with providing the highest quality of service to clients, the team at King Investigators use state of the art technology to refine their investigations, and, in many cases, to lower the cost of the investigation.

Although it’s true that PI’s are not above the law, they do have more leeway to follow evidence down paths that are out of bounds for the police, who are bound by issues such as obtaining warrants for certain actions before they can follow a lead and actually charge someone with a crime.

You can rely on King Investigators to make sure that nothing they do in the pursuit of the truth will put your case in jeopardy, whether they’re gathering evidence for a custody case, divorce case, criminal case, fraud case and more.

Finally, based on the fact that this team sticks to the rules and regulations that govern their industry, you can be absolutely sure that all reports, photos and videos presented to you for a court case will be fully admissible in court, and there will be nothing for the opposing attorney to rip apart in the process!

Contact King Investigators today to find out more about how this team of highly trained professionals can help you win your case with the right evidence to back you up!