Is the PI you hire up to date with social media platforms?

With the escalation in growth of social media platforms in the 21st century, any PI worth his title should know how to use the latest technology to carry out social media investigations that may be part of a larger investigation.

As things stand today, a digital footprint is made up of all the information you leave on the internet, which includes social media, the use of apps, emails and calls made via Skype.

Though you may think this history can be deleted, it can’t, as any forensic investigator will tell you, your trail is there and it’ll stay there, something many people never realise.

Your digital footprint is in essence about the same as a paper trail that used to be kept to document any interaction personally or on a business level before the advent of the internet, however, unlike documents in a paper trail, you can’t put it through the paper shredder to destroy anything that could cause you legal trouble.

A good way to change the way you’re ‘seen’ through your digital footprint is to think about what you send into cyberspace so that you’re reflected in a good light, for friends, family and even employers.

Why the focus on social media platforms?

Nothing beats social media investigations where it comes to remaining anonymous. The person under investigation won’t have a clue that they are being trailed digitally, and, for private investigators who are on the top of their game digitally speaking, social media platforms are as a good a place to start an investigation as any other.

Including in depth digging into someone’s social media trail has also helped to cut down on billable hours today, time that would otherwise be spent out in the field gathering basic, fundamental information to get an investigation underway.

Employers use social media to keep check on employees

An employer is also able use social media platforms to find out more about you and what kind of person you really are. They are able to get quite a good idea of who you really are, which means it would be better for you to think hard before posting anything online you’d rather your employer didn’t know about!

Many companies even use social media platforms to find out whether you would be a good fit as a potential employee. A private investigator can work up a really in-depth profile of who you are by carrying out a thorough social media investigation, especially because they’re able to access the internet to a greater extent than an employer can in a private capacity.

Digital information overload

Any social media platforms you use will carry the history of places you’ve visited, photographs and videos uploaded, leading to the ultimate information overload for any savvy private investigator digging deeper than on the surface of these platforms.

There’s so much evidence about your life stuck in virtual reality that it’s quite frightening, and it can never be completely erased!

Hire King Investigators for forensic social media investigations

If you need a professional you can trust to do the digging into the background of someone you suspect of wrongdoing, whether a staff member or spouse, contact King Investigators to do the on social media platforms for the type of information you need on the person under investigation. It’ll be a decision that offers information that’ll prove it priceless!

Here are a few of the most basic questions asked about PI’s

Though a few of the questions we look at here may seem a bit obvious to you if you have a basic understanding about who and what a private investigator is, not everyone has the same knowledge, which is why answering some of the most FAQ’s may be helpful to you if you are planning to hire a private investigator in South Africa for the first time.

It’ll really help you to know a little more about the services a private investigator offers and what to look for in a private investigator, before you do the hiring.

Licensed private investigators have to be above-board and have a basic knowledge of law for any evidence gathered to carry weight, especially if it involves a court case.

Here we need to separate myth from fact, so that the image presented in the movies of PI’s skulking around in hats and a long coat, eating junk food and smoking up a storm while on surveillance, is dispelled in the face of what a truly experienced, professional private investigator is in real life.

There are no grey areas in the world of private investigators, The evidence is either there or it isn’t, there are no grey areas here in terms of evidence that is solid and not manufactured!

Is training and experience in the field important?

Absolutely! Becoming a private investigator involves specialised training on many levels, and, along with training, experience in the field is essential. He needs more than just a working knowledge of investigations to make a top class private investigator, especially if it’s he will be specialising in a full range of investigative services.

Can PI’s manipulate the law?

The answer to that is a definite no! Though a licensed private investigator may have more leeway than law enforcement agencies and the police do, they also have limits to what they can and can’t do, and these are limits that are enforced by the PSIRA.

Private investigators are able to assist the police services when their training, experience and connections will help to finally bring a case to court, due to the laws that bind the police beyond certain points in evidence gathering.

Is a PI different to a private detective?

There is no difference between a private investigator and private detective. The term ‘private investigator’ is what is used by a regularity body such as PSIRA in South Africa to keep things simple. 

The term private investigator helps to keep the line between law enforcement agencies such as the police services and private investigators clear, so that no-one is confused about which the other is.

Hiring the right PI

Once you’ve done a bit of research into PI’s in your area and narrowed down your list, be sure to ask for a licensing number so that you can verify that they are a bona fide firm that sticks to the rules and regulations of their industry.

Find out whether the private investigator you want to hire has the right type of experience to tackle your case. If a specific private investigator only specialises in business investigation, he won’t be of any use to you in finding proof of infidelity.

Be upfront about asking questions with regard to the background of the company before you actually hire the investigator because a solid reputation and track record always leads you to the best in the investigative field.

Services offered by PI’s

Experienced and highly trained private investigators will be able to do a cross-over of services, which could range from due diligence investigative services to polygraph testing and in-depth background checks, as well as experience in undercover surveillance for evidence on a cheating spouse.

Call on King Investigators in South Africa to wrap it all up!

King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, South Africa, provide an impressive list of services, along with the knowledge that has been gained during 10 years’ worth of experience, both locally and internationally.

These guys wrap their sheer professionalism up in a tidy bundle of a commitment to quality, honesty and transparency, and King Investigators has also been around long enough to know exactly how to tailor an investigation according to the budget any client has.

Get your questions ready to put to the team at King Investigations. You’ll find that even the most common or basic questions about private investigators or their methods will be treated seriously by this team!

Do you need evidence to take to court as proof your spouse is cheating?

Whether or not you’re still emotionally invested in a relationship, cheating or the suspicion that your spouse is having an affair is a situation none of us would like to face.

However, the truth is that you can’t get a divorce with assets equally divided without a valid reason, or without proof of the reason for your petition to divorce, such as infidelity or abuse.

If you are going to accuse your spouse of cheating you need to be aware that nothing less than hard facts and incontrovertible proof of infidelity will give you a leg to stand on.

The evidence of cheating is necessary to get the divorce moving, and it’s also very necessary if you are to protect your interests financially. This is important in terms of spousal support and financial support if there are children involved and there is a battle for custody.

Your suspicions and feelings will mean nothing to the judge in court. What they want, and expect, is that you can provide them with evidence that is gathered legitimately, in which case, you’ll have a case that is grounded in facts.

You need to know what type of evidence you’ll need and how the evidence will be presented in court, which is where both your lawyer and private investigator will step in to guide you.

This is a lot to take in on top of the deep emotional stress of coming face to face with proof that your spouse is cheating, which is why most attorneys will advise you to hire a private investigator to handle these realities, and to do it all the right way.

Why do you need to hire a private investigator?

If you’re going to put yourself through the agony of snooping around and finding incriminating emails or texts that are romantic and consist of plans to spend time with someone else, you will simply be adding further agony to an already shattering experience. This is why it’s best left to a professional PI with no emotional investment in the situation to gather evidence of an affair.

How to find a trusted PI in South Africa

Most attorney’s have a good working relationship with a private investigator they trust, which means that if he recommends a private investigator, you can be certain that the evidence he collects will be indisputable.

In addition to this, your attorney knows that only a licensed private investigator fully understands the legalities of surveillance and evidence gathering, which means that you can rely on evidence that will stand up to scrutiny in court.

Evidence gathering that can destroy your case

Should you interview a private investigator and he has no qualms about using underhanded and illegal tactics to gather evidence of cheating, look elsewhere for a reputable investigator or you may end up with your case being undermined, and possibly ending up in hot water yourself!

As the number one investigative firm in South Africa, King Investigators brings many years’ worth of experience as cheating spouse detectives to the table, ensuring that all evidence is obtained legally.

King Investigators is serious about doing things the right way. This includes that the firm is registered with the PSIRA, the governing body that has oversight of this industry.

This means that you’re protected from shady operators and also have recourse should you have a negative experience with an investigator who might take you for a ride.

Does the PI have to be present in court?

In terms of the high quality evidence the team at King Investigators bring together in a comprehensive report for a client, it is seldom if ever necessary for the private investigator to appear in court. These evidentiary reports include video and photographic evidence, backed up with a written report that will contain irrefutable evidence of cheating.

The team at King Investigators stand by their evidence, which is solidly based on honesty, integrity and transparency.

Why hire King Investigators?

The fact that this investigative firm is registered with the PSIRA, and that each investigator is also licensed, means you can have confidence in the fact that you’ll be dealing with investigators that understand how difficult the decision is to hire a private investigator in the first place.

This is a team with a total commitment is to treat your case with the confidentiality and sensitivity it deserves, applying their combined experience to get to the truth with tactfully and professionally on your behalf.

Feel free to contact owner Jacques Botha for a confidential chat, or set up a meeting with him in a setting that will be as comfortable as possible for you. At this time you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from the investigation, and what needs to be done to keep the investigation within your budget.


Debunking 4 Myths about life as a private investigator

Nothing could have portrayed what is seen as the stereo type private investigator quite as well as the entertainment industry has, however, what some of these stereo-typical images of private investigators also do is to make hiring a private detective somewhat daunting.

You really don’t want to hire a private investigator to carry out an investigation for you wearing the stereotypical long black coat and slouch hat that’s synonymous with the image of Hollywood investigators. Why you may ask? Because there’s no way he can blend in anywhere undercover wearing an outfit like this!

Let’s debunk a few of the myths portrayed by movie PI’s here:

Private investigators only investigate cheating spouses

While the truth is that this is one of the most common reasons people hire an investigator, an investigator is so much more than this, provided he is a trained professional.

A cheating spouse detective in South Africa will also be more than capable of undertaking a variety of investigations other than this.

Looking at an investigations firm such as King Investigators in South Africa, you’ll find that this team of professionals also specialise in;

  • Background checks – whether for a potential employee, investment in a company or taking on a new business partner
  • Undercover Surveillance – used in certain divorce cases, child custody cases, fraud cases and more
  • Tracing missing people
  • Business intelligence
  • Due Diligence Investigative Services
  • Polygraph & lie detector tests

This is the experience shared by this team of PI’s who are able to put at your disposal a full-service investigative team…and none of them wear a long black coat and homburg!

PI’s can access private information that is protected

This is not true at all! Although private investigators can access records private individuals can’t (because the PI is licensed), they not allowed to go into protected records such as bank accounts, medical records, mobile phone records and credit card reports.

To access private information such as these mentioned, he would need to obtain a court order, subpoena or have the express permission of the person these records pertain to, which has a slim chance of happening if these records belong to someone else!

PI’s are above the law

Despite the fact that a registered, licensed PI has more leeway than the police have in certain spheres, they are by no means above the law!

If you’re planning to hire a private investigator in South Africa, make absolutely certain that he is licensed, as well as being registered with PSIRA, which is the governing body for security and private investigators in South Africa.

It’s a thrill-a-minute for PI’s

This is as far from the truth as it could possibly be!

Looking at an average day in the life of a PI, it will consist of carrying out in-depth background checks, dealing with a mountain of information that needs to be analysed skillfully, so that his client will be presented with professionally compiled reports of high value.

This means that on top of pounding pavements during undercover surveillance, the PI also has to face reams of paperwork! This is definitely not very exciting at all!

Sitting in a car for hours on end while on undercover surveillance is often boring and can become mind-numbing, however, losing focus, even if for just a minute, can result in missing out on a crucial moment in capturing video or photographic evidence about the subject of the investigation.

There’s nothing glamorous about this more-often-than-not solitary professional life!

If you plan to hire a private investigator in South Africa, then King Investigators is the investigative company known to deal in fact rather than fiction, which is exactly what you need if your investigation is to be of any value!