The 3 basic steps of a professional polygraph test

Most of us can conjure up some pretty vivid imagery about exactly what happens during a lie detector test, in truth though, it is neither as frightening or as threatening as one may believe, provided of course that you’re one of the good guys!

Let’s face it though, even the most innocent of us would rather not go through the experience of a lie detector test. Let’s hope a bit more information will make it less stressful on the innocents!

What happens during a lie detector test?

Feeling nervous ahead of taking a lie detector test is only natural, however, this general kind of nervousness won’t count against you or affect the outcome of the test.

The stress responses measured by the lie detector are beyond the norm, and these stress responses are of a kind that aren’t ordinarily observable to the naked eye.

As a highly sophisticated piece of equipment the lie detector machine is set to measure specific physiological responses that in general we can’t control, such as:

  • Cardiovascular responses
  • Perspiration
  • Respiratory response

Here are three basic stages you can expect during a lie detector or polygraph test:


This is the part where the professional polygraph examiner and his subject will establish a report, where you’ll both of a get to know each other a little more before the test begins, which really helps to get you as relaxed as possible ahead of the real test phase.

You’ll be given information about how the lie detector equipment works and time to raise your own questions about what the process entails.

Obviously this is when the reasons behind the need for the lie detector test will be discussed, so that you’ll be able to share your version of the events that have led up to the necessity for the test.

As a professional, the polygraph examiner will also use this as an opportunity to get a good read on the subject prior to the test, observing body language, speech patterns and responses during this period. This is generally the longest part of the procedure.

The actual test

Once the preliminaries are over, you will be attached to the polygraph machine, at which time you’ll already be feeling a bit more comfortable about it all.

During the test, the results of the responses to questions will be sent through to the monitor, all of which will be discussed at the end of the polygraph test.

The last stage

The examiner will be able to examine the data collected by the equipment during the test in order to provide you with the results immediately.  It’s a good idea at this point to sign each sheet of the results so that you can be certain that your results won’t be confused with anyone else’s test.

As experienced polygraph examiners, King Investigators has a team of investigators available to carry out trusted lie detector tests anywhere in South Africa, at the drop of a hat.

As the top private investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg, you may rest assured that the entire procedure will be carried out with the highest level of integrity and professionalism by this team.

If you’d like more information about polygraph tests carried out by King Investigators, please don’t hesitate to call the team, or chat with them online.

Here’s why clients trust King Investigators in Gauteng to handle their investigations

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, has been in the investigations industry for over ten years and counting, bringing to every case a commitment to professionalism and honesty that offers a refreshing image of what a real private investigator should be.

Jacques and his team of investigators have put all their time and energy into a high level of training that equips them to be highly effective investigators, to the extent that they’re able to guarantee satisfaction with results produced for every client at the conclusion of any investigation.

To King Investigators reputation is everything, especially in an industry that is often depicted in a negative light, and throughout the years, this team has remained committed to upholding the reputable name that has been earned by this team, without compromise.

Technology plays a major role in all that King Investigators do, which is essential, especially in light of the ever-increasing sophistication of the latest in spyware and tracking devices, cell phone monitoring equipment and surveillance equipment.

Without the latest technological tools and the ability to use them, it would be almost impossible to carry out an effective investigation today. For this reason, the team at King Investigators maintains a finger on the pulse of every new gadget that is given the okay for use legally.

With a large network of other professionals both internationally and in South Africa, King Investigators are able to cross borders internationally to carry out investigations.

This team also acts as support for international investigators who need to liaise with an investigator they can trust on the ground in South Africa, specifically because they are familiar with the customs and lay of the land in a country that would be hard for overseas investigators to get a handle on.

Being registered with the PSIRA, which is the body that governs the security industry, clients know that they can trust King Investigators to avoid gathering evidence through misrepresentation, entrapment or invasion of privacy, any and all of which would jeopardise the investigation and bring the evidence into dispute.

King Investigators provides clients with competitive pricing, pricing that is arrived at with transparency through standing by their commitment to operating out of honesty and integrity at the highest level.

This team of investigators knows that any evidence they gather has to be able to stand up to scrutiny in court, and, based on their commitment to excellence, they won’t waste either your time or your money on a phony investigation that leaves you empty handed.

As licensed investigators, this team is able to access sources and go where private individuals may not, in order to gather evidence pertinent to each case presented to the team.

Undercover surveillance isn’t something us average Joes can do without getting bust at it. There’s no doubt that undercover surveillance is an art best left to professionals, who know exactly how to avoid detection by the subject under investigation.

For instance, during the investigation into a cheating spouse in South Africa, a client could possibly be put in danger or in a compromising situation if the spouse being investigated becomes aware that they’re under surveillance.

Every case brought to King Investigators is treated with the utmost discretion, so that whether it’s investigating a new business partner or a cheating spouse, this team knows full well that the situation is inevitably a very delicate matter, which is exactly what puts their clients at ease once an investigation begins.

Professionalism, experience, integrity, honesty and a commitment to a strict code of ethics is the bottom line at King Investigators. If values this strong are what you’re looking for in the person you’ll entrust with your investigation, then give the team a call today, to find out more about how they can assist you, whether in your personal capacity or business capacity.


An impressive list of investigative services as offered by King Investigators in Pretoria & Johannesburg

Because every investigation and case is unique to a certain extent, it’s essential that you work with experienced private investigators that have extensive field experience, which gives them the knowledge to carry out a wide range of investigations, which is absolutely necessary, in order to provide clients with exactly what is needed in each specific case.

Without this in-depth experience that covers every investigative technique, ranging from investigating theft in a company to finding proof of infidelity, as well as extensive experience in undercover surveillance, you won’t be able to trust the quality of the evidence presented to you at the conclusion of an investigation.

With the advent of the internet, many more avenues have opened for those with criminal intentions, resulting in the fact that any private investigator has to be up to date with state of the art technology, in order to close the gap on these criminals.

A professional private investigator is expected to remain updated and clued in on the latest technology as soon as it hits the airwaves, ensuring that this technology can be used to the benefit of the client in an ever-evolving technological age.

Infidelity has also taken on a different character and behaviour with mobile phones, social media platforms and email opening up doors to online affairs, which are simply one step away from becoming the real thing.

The growth of technology has also increased the incidence in fraud and other white collar crimes, bleeding many companies of millions of Rands every year. These days hiding the truth is easy, if the person or syndicate behind it is well-versed with technology, combining technology with deceit, to present something as basic as a CV that represents anything but the truth!

The types of cases mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of why it’s essential that a private investigator has wide ranging experience in many different situations. This is why it’s important to establish whether the investigator you plan on hiring has this extensive experience, because without it, you will be doing yourself a disservice in trusting him with your investigation.

A few examples of investigative services offered by private investigators

Cheating, affairs & infidelity

When a case involves a cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, it may help you to know that these are among the most common investigations undertaken by private investigators in South Africa.

Because hiring a private investigator to provide you with proof of infidelity is difficult, it’s worth looking for an investigator that has experience with investigations into infidelity or cheating, so that you can be confident that your case will be handled with sensitivity, confidentiality and honesty.

Business intelligence services

Because white collar crime and fraud is on the increase in business, many businesses have made the investment in forming a trusted working relationship with a private investigator they have chosen to keep their business safe, all of which is based on the level of trust and honesty the private investigator of their choice displays.

With a wealth of experience under the belt, the right private investigator is able to provide investigative services that cover every crime, from embezzlement to product theft, theft of company secrets to theft of client databases.

Tracing missing people

It’s best that you hire a local private investigator if you want to trace a missing person. The main reason for this is that he needs to have a good knowledge of customs in South Africa, and he also has to have his ear to the ground while knowing the general lay of the land like the back of his hand.

If you don’t even know where to start, trying to trace a missing person is nigh on impossible for the average man in the street. However, by hiring a private investigator and arming him with all the information you have at hand about the person you’re trying to find, you’ll stand a far greater chance of a successful conclusion to the investigation.

Undercover surveillance

Undercover surveillance plays a vital role in the majority of investigations, which calls for a professional who has the training and experience on the ground to undertake surveillance without the subject under investigation being any the wiser, no matter what the circumstances are. Experience here is essential, as undercover surveillance can be dangerous, both to the investigator and the client if they are found out.

In-depth background investigations

Private individuals don’t have access to the networks and sources a private investigator can use to do any kind of in-depth background check, whether it’s to protect yourself when hiring new staff, planning a new business venture or facing an acrimonious divorce.

You’d be best served by allowing a professional to gather the information and evidence you need, than to tackle any of these issues on your own.

Polygraph services

There are times when only a lie detector test or polygraph test will help to arrive at the truth of any situation, especially when it’s a case of ‘he said, she said’.  Polygraph tests or voice stress analysis tests have to be administered by an experienced professional, by law, especially if they are to carry any weight in a hearing or in court.

Due diligence services

When high level executives are making plans to invest in a new business venture, or to take on a new partner, a comprehensive due diligence investigation carried out by an experienced investigator will ensure that when final decisions are made, they will be done so on a fully informed basis.

Call on King Investigators to rise to the challenge

As a team of consummate professionals, the licenced and registered private investigators at King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg will have your back when you need help in arming yourself with facts, whether in a personal or business capacity.

Contact King Investigators today to find out more about how they can contribute to looking after your interests.

Tips to help you hire the best professional PI in South Africa

A private investigator with a high level of professionalism could well be all that stands between you and a successful court case, which is why it’s essential for you do your homework and a bit of digging before committing to a particular investigator.

In general, most people who have decided to hire a private investigator for the first time have a personal set of preconceived ideas about the industry as a whole, much of which is could be negative, based mainly on the seedy PI’s we’ve been exposed to in film and television.

Not all private investigators are the sleazy, dishonest type that are often depicted in movies, but they certainly do exist, and it’s important that you make sure you’re dealing with one that’s licensed and has a good reputation.

There are many highly experienced professional private investigators in South Africa who value integrity and honesty as the basis for every case they investigate, and its guys like this you want on your side.

Before you sign on the dotted line and commit to any private investigator in Pretoria or Johannesburg, make sure you find out as much as you can about him. Should you choose the wrong one, you could end up with money wasted and evidence not worth anything legally!

Simple tips to help you choose the right professional private investigator:


The need for experience in your investigator can’t be over-emphasised. He has to be able to adapt to a wide ranging spectrum of investigations to be of any real service to you. Only many years’ worth of experience in the industry can bring assurance to you that your PI will have the wealth of knowledge required to cover all aspects of your specific case.


You have every right to find out more about what previous clients have to say about an investigator you are planning to hire, which is why it’s important to ask for references from clients about how the investigator has handled their cases.

If he tries to avoid giving you references then you’re definitely in the wrong place!

Transparency about costs

During your first meeting with the investigator, you should be able to get a good idea of what the investigation could cost, but, this will only be the case if he is someone who is committed to undertaking the investigation in the most cost effective way possible.

An investigator who values his reputation and integrity isn’t going to pad the bill for your investigation with unnecessary or frivolous costs. He’ll also make sure that should additional costs crop up during the course of the investigation, he will discuss it with you before going ahead.


While no investigator can guarantee you’ll happy about the results you get from an investigation, none of us enjoy proof of dishonesty, crime or infidelity, what he can and should do, is to be able to guarantee that you will be satisfied with the integrity of the evidence presented at the conclusion of the investigation.

In effect, what he’s guaranteeing is that the evidence that’ll be presented to you will be honest, and able to stand up to scrutiny in court.

Privacy & confidentiality

None of us would want to announce to the world that we need to hire a private investigator, no matter the reason.  The fact is that the very nature of this course of action is that it’s private, which means you need to know that your private investigator values your privacy, and will keep any and all information confidential, before, during and after the investigation.

Is he PSIRA registered?

There is a code of conduct governing all private investigators in South Africa and the manner in which they’re allowed to gather evidence. Being registered with the PSIRA assures you that you’ll be dealing with an investigator who is above board in all his dealings during an investigation.

PSIRA is actively involved in the investigation of any illegal practices in the industry, which also serves to keep safe from being exploited by unscrupulous investigators.

Check here to find out whether your private investigator is registered with PSIRA, in this way, you will be certain that you’re dealing with a professional who respects the governing rules of the industry.

Any compromise on these standards will compromise your case, leaving you out of pocket and holding evidence worth nothing in court.

King Investigators more than meet all the above criteria, and, in their pursuit of excellence, honesty and integrity, clients are given the confidence to trust this team with the most personal details needed to carry out an effective investigation.

Give owner Jacques Botha a call today to set up a free consultation before you make any decisions about who to trust with your investigation.