Here’s how private investigators gather evidence of infidelity

None of us can bear the heartache that words like infidelity, affair or cheating cause, however, if the uncertainty and suspicion is so profound that your relationship is in serious danger of falling apart, it would be best that you hire a professional private investigator to find evidence the right way, instead of living on tenterhooks of suspicion.

The mere thought infidelity on the part of your spouse is enough to play havoc with emotions, and, in this state we aren’t able to think straight enough to attempt to tackle evidence on our own, without becoming embroiled in possibly emotionally volatile situations.

Should you decide that you want proof that your spouse is cheating for a divorce case, only a private investigator, with knowledge of the legal system, can gather the evidence according to standards expected by the courts.

King Investigators in Pretoria have handled thousands of cases involving cheating spouses, in fact, this team is known as the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, leaving no stone unturned on their way to the truth, whatever it may be.

You may simply want to confirm or allay any suspicions you may have before you start divorce proceedings or end a relationship based merely on suspicion. Not all changes in your spouse indicate that he or she is cheating on you!

Why hire a private investigator to prove infidelity?

He has the necessary objectivity

A private investigator brings objectivity to a highly emotionally charged situation by providing real evidence of cheating before you decide on the next step in the relationship, whether to end it or to try and repair it.

Along with time-stamped photos and videos, the private investigator should be able to support this evidence with a written report that details events not caught on camera.

What does a private investigator do to find evidence of infidelity?

Because there are laws that govern private investigators and the way they are permitted to gather evidence of infidelity, if these laws are flouted, the evidence will be of no value.

An experienced, licensed private investigator will know exactly how to go about collecting evidence the right way, in order not to compromise your case with manufactured evidence.

Only a private investigator who knows the lay of the land and local customs will be able to carry out effective undercover surveillance without being exposed, which is very important, not only for the investigator but also for the client.

Book a confidential consultation with King Investigators

On the road to finding proof of infidelity, you’ll want to make a call or book a confidential consultation with Jacques Botha at King Investigators in Pretoria, at which time you’ll be able to discuss the manner in which you’d like the investigation to proceed.

At this meeting you’ll also need to give the investigator as much information as possible on your spouse, focussing on routines and habits that would be of assistance in deciding on the investigative approach to be taken once the ball is rolling.

This will also be the perfect time to discuss your budget and what you’d be looking at in terms of charges for the investigation, which can be tailored accordingly.  You’ll also be able to get a basic idea of how long the investigation may take, depending on the extent of evidence you may require.

The team at King Investigators, led by owner Jacques Botha, will guide you through these uncharted waters with the sensitivity you may well need for the duration, and, at the end of it all, you will have honest results delivered without wasting your time or money!

The most essential investigative skill used by private investigators is undercover surveillance

Whether it’s obtaining evidence to support a parent in a custody case, evidence of cheating or insurance fraud, the go-to tool for private investigators in many of these instances is undercover surveillance.

Many businesses hire private investigators to carry out undercover surveillance on their behalf if they’re experiencing theft of goods or misappropriation of funds.

While the reasons for undercover surveillance may vary, the one essential component to its success or failure is the absolute necessity for on the ground experience on the part of the investigator.

Undercover surveillance is designed to be able to observe people without being noticed, a situation that could cause harm to both the investigator and the client. In addition to undercover surveillance, the use of state of the art technology enhances surveillance and the gathering of vital evidence today, in virtually every investigation..

Undercover surveillance in the digital age

In an ever-evolving age of technology, tools such as high tech digital video cameras offering high definition images are used to facilitate even greater undercover surveillance capabilities, bringing to the field cameras that are able to store large amounts of footage without interruption.

Every video and image is time-stamped, and, with extended battery life and zoom capabilities, these images and videos are used to back up evidence that can be in no doubt. The long battery life on these high tech cameras also means that the investigator can stay on the case longer than ever before.

Cell phones have come into their own as surveillance tools that can be used inconspicuously on a stakeout, especially due to the fact that other people around the investigator undercover are also busy on their phones, whether on calls or taking photos. This is a tool an investigator can use easily, without attracting any attention at all.

Cell phones serve investigators especially well if there are times when a video camera is too big to take on a specific part of the investigation, especially if footage is being shot in a public place like a restaurant, hotel or other public places.

Micro cameras also come in extremely handy in public too, ensuring that the investigator’s cover isn’t blown. Micro cameras are very versatile and can be disguised as anything from a Bluetooth headset to a tie clip or button. This makes sure that the subject under surveillance is none the wiser of the presence of the investigator.

Generally, a nondescript car will be used while tracking a subject, however, GPS trackers are also sometimes used by to keep track of the movements of someone under surveillance a private investigator may be able to use under certain circumstances.

One needs to note here that there are still some legal issues that need to be ironed out when it comes to using GPS trackers as a form of surveillance. In most cases, the permission of the vehicle owner is required, which would negate their use in some instances, except perhaps in an infidelity case and the spouse has the legal right to grant permission to attach a GPS tracker to a vehicle registered in their name.

King Investigators in Pretoria have earned an exceptional reputation for undercover surveillance, having added up an impressive amount of surveillance hours over the ten years plus since this team first hung out their shingle.

If you have a case that’s going to require the services of an undercover surveillance expert, please contact King Investigators to book a free confidential consultation to lay the groundwork for your investigation.

4 Reasons individuals choose to hire a private investigator

Despite the fact that a professional investigative company like King Investigators in Pretoria is able to provide business intelligence and due diligence investigations for companies, they are also a highly effective and experienced team at tackling investigations for individuals in their private capacity.

While the reasons individuals choose to hire a private investigator vary greatly, the bottom line is that they require the services of a consummate professional to gather incontrovertible evidence in personal matters, the bulk of which often end up in court.

Uncovering well-hidden information and carrying out undercover surveillance takes real experience and a high level of skill, which is why you’d be best served by hiring a private investigator with an impeccable reputation, to provide you with the evidence you require in a specific case.

Let’s look at 4 top reasons private individuals will hire a private investigator:

Divorce & infidelity

Unfortunately, infidelity and divorce often go hand in hand, and, if suspicion becomes something tangible in terms of a change in the status quo of the relationship or the spouse, and divorce is inevitable, then its best that a professional private investigator be hired to provide the quality of evidence that can be used in court.

Anything less will be of no value once lawyers start tearing evidence apart.

A private investigator is by definition expected to be discreet, not only about his client but also about following the subject of an investigation, without having their cover blown.

A professional investigator also knows the dos and don’ts of gathering evidence out in the field, which is essential if all evidence gathered is done according to strict industry standards.

Other reasons a private investigator may be involved in divorce cases is to gather evidence of any substance or alcohol abuse, or any other illegal activities the subject is involved in, which may lead to supporting the petitioning client in court during a divorce case.

Child custody, visitation rights & child abuse

Whether or not children are in danger with one or the other parent, the right to custody becomes a battleground in many cases, making it a highly contentious and emotional issue leading up to the actual court case.

This is an issue that especially cuts to the core for any genuinely loving and responsible parent who wants to give their child the best in painful circumstances.

Should there be suspicion that there is any negligence or abuse taking place when a child is with either parent, valid evidence of a quality that cannot be disputed needs to be gathered by a professional, to lend weight to the battle for a child’s safety in a custody case.

Custody arrangements are there to be observed for the protection and safety of the child. This is of paramount importance to the court, and if any part of the arrangement is being compromised to the detriment of the child, the welfare of that child will be placed above all else, with custody arrangements going back to court, to be amended according to evidence provided to back up these claims.

General family issues

The world we raise our children in today is a lot more frightening than ever before, and, when parents are concerned about whether or not their children are involved in dangerous behaviour or substance abuse they may consider hiring a private investigator to get to the truth.

From evidence presented, parents and other family members are able to intervene, if necessary, to protect their children from further danger.

Private investigators are also called on to investigate whether or not a spouse is involved in gambling, drug use or other illegal activities, in order to put paid to suspicions.

Domestic abuse victims

At best, it’s very difficult to prove that someone is a victim of domestic abuse without the aid of a professional investigator. The simple reason for this is that the investigator is trained to focus on the most important aspects of the abuse and can advise the victim on how to keep their own records of the abuse for the duration of the investigation.

The evidence that a private investigator is able to uncover in the course of a domestic abuse case is of great value where it comes to seeking protective orders, divorce or child custody cases.

The families of those abused often hire a private investigator to gather as much evidence as possible to allay or confirm their suspicions before any action is taken to protect the family member being abused.

Hire the top private investigators in Pretoria

The team of licensed investigators at King Investigators bring a wealth of skill, experience and professionalism to any investigation, which is what ultimately leads to evidence that’s delivered with complete transparency and integrity.

Contact this team today if you’ve reached the point where you need the advice of a trusted professional, at the very least, you’ll be able make an informed decision with regards to the way forward.


How to find the right private investigator in Pretoria & Johannesburg

The most important things you need to expect from a private investigator you decide to hire, are that they’ll handle your case in absolute confidentiality, maintain a high standard of professionalism, and deliver evidence that is strong enough to be used in court and stand up to scrutiny.

Though you’ll find many private investigators listed in Pretoria and Johannesburg, you may need to do a little digging on your end to find out if they meet the criteria needed to instill trust in you before you hire them.

Asking your attorney to refer you to a private investigator is a solid place to start, since most attorneys work hand in glove with private investigators in many of their own cases, ensuring that evidence collected is done so legally.

Taking the time to do a background check on any private investigator may be want to hire could well protect you from dealing with a shady, fly-by-night investigator who cares little for the rules, which is an attitude to evidence gathering that’ll compromise your case from the outset.

Make the wrong decision and end up with evidence gathered in contravention of the legislation governing private investigators, and not  only will you be making an expensive mistake, you could also land in hot water with the legal system.

Here are a few things to consider before hiring a private investigator

Is he licensed & registered with PSiRA?

It can be daunting to approach a private investigator for the first time, however, knowing what to be on the lookout for at the outset will make a big difference to narrowing down the list of investigators you may wish to bookmark in your search.

If a private investigator isn’t registered with PSIRA, give him a definite miss!  This is the best way to ensure that you’ll be dealing with an experienced professional who understands and complies with the code of conduct set out for their industry. This governing body is also there to protect you should any problems arise with the investigator or investigation.

What’s his background?

It’s to check the background of investigators you may consider hiring. Knowing how long he’s been in the field will give you a good indication of the level of experience he’ll be able to bring to your case.

It’s also essential to establish whether he has experience in handling cases similar to yours, which is a good way of gauging whether he is able to handle the specific field of investigation your case entails or not.

Being able to make an appointment for a free consultation is a great way to get a feel for the investigator as well as to assess his communication skills. It’s important that the investigator is able to communicate on all levels due to the fact that investigations often take him into situations that will require this ability.

Can he provide you with references?

You have every right to ask private investigators for references from previous clients, as well as from attorneys he may have been involved with, if possible.  It’s always a good idea to have recommendations from professionals included with those of private individuals.  Make sure you ask the investigator for references from clients who’ve had cases that are similar in kind to yours.

King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg meet the above criteria in full, and even beyond these, acting with the high level of professionalism, honesty and integrity that you should expect from any investigator worth his salt!

Contact owner Jacques Botha to make an appointment to meet, have a confidential chat online or call him, to find out more about whether he and his team of highly trained investigators are ready to tackle your case.