Here’s why attorneys retain the services of trusted private investigators

Having a good relationship with a trusted, professional private investigator assists an attorney to gather evidence to make a solid case when they represent clients in court.

Law enforcement can only go so far before an investigation is halted as a result of restrictions placed on their actions. This is when a private investigator is called in to obtain evidence the police aren’t allowed to pursue without warrants.

Private investigators are not above the law, however, they do have more latitude then the police do in the course of compiling enough evidence with which to charge anyone guilty of criminal offenses.

An attorney always has more than one case on the go, which is why they will retain a private investigator they can trust, to do the legwork they can’t do themselves.  The attorney and private investigator share a common goal in accumulating all the evidence that’s required to prove or disprove any case before the court.

In a criminal case, the evidence laid out before the court needs to be of such a high standard that it can establish reasonable doubt, allowing the attorney to prove that the person accused is not guilty of committing the crime for which they are being tried.

Why attorneys work with private investigators

  • Finding details & locating witnesses missed during an initial investigation

Private investigators are required to have an understanding of the legalities associated with investigating for a criminal defence. They need to have a clear understanding the case and the charges being brought, which becomes their guideline for what to look for in terms of evidence that may be presented by the prosecution.

A private investigator will take this discovery, as it’s called in the legal parlance, work through every aspect of the evidence provided, painstakingly combing through police reports, photos, witness statements, copies of evidence and more, in order to find any holes in the material presented.

Going over witness statements and re-interviewing witnesses where necessary, can often lead to changes in statements. It can also uncover any ulterior motives on the part of the witness to mislead the initial investigators, which will be invaluable for the defence team.

In the same vein, by the time a private investigator gets involved in a criminal case, they may be able to find witnesses that did not come forward during the initial stages of a police investigation.

  • Private investigators remain objective & understand legalities involved in criminal cases

When an attorney is ready to present the case of a defendant to the court, the evidence examined, scrutinised and added to by further investigation is then presented from an impartial point of view by a professional investigator, one who understands the nuances of the laws involved in presenting evidence.

The presentation of tainted or illegally gathered evidence has resulted in a loss for the defence, yet another of the major reasons attorneys work with trusted, experienced and licensed private investigators.

Attorneys know that an experienced, highly trained private investigator understands the importance of gathering and the maintenance of the chain of custody during an investigation, ultimately presenting criminal defense attorneys with evidence that is irrefutable.

To find out more about the full range of investigative services offered by King Investigators, chat to the team online or give them a call to discuss the goal you wish to achieve through an investigation carried out by true professionals.

4 Reasons to leave the investigation into a cheating spouse to professionals

For anyone that’s ever had to hire a professional private investigator, the temptation to save money by doing the investigation without the help of a professional may seem like a good cost-saving idea. It isn’t!

The emotional strain of facing the possibility of infidelity alone is tough, but doing it on your own will comes at an even higher cost, and, at the end of it, all you may have is evidence that will hold no water in court, especially if it’s meant to help in a divorce or custody case.

A registered, professional investigator from King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg takes into consideration every aspect of what your ultimate goal is for gathering evidence on a cheating spouse, and from there, work with you to create a plan of action that will meet those goals and respect your budget.

If you’ve started a new romantic relationship but would like to know more about whether the potential love interest has a unsavory background, such as being a perpetrator of domestic violence, sexual abuse (essential today if you have children!), or, whether they are in fact still married, hiring an investigator to get the facts is the best form of self-protection.

These are just a few of the causes for concern at the start of any relationship and you deserve to know the truth, without doubt, before you dive headlong into a commitment that could spell trouble.

We have an innate image of what a ‘bad’ person looks like, but looks have no bearing on what will happen a few months or years down the line.

Everyone deserves the benefit of doubt, but, when it’s your heart and life on the line, you have every right to protect yourself from potential harm, no matter how engaged your heart is.

Let’s take a brief look at 4 main reasons for leaving the investigation into infidelity to the professionals:

  • Sticking to the goal

An experienced private investigator will go into detail with you about what it is you want to achieve through the investigation.  This ultimately gives the investigator a clear idea of the direction the investigation needs to take to accomplish these goals, legally and honestly.  This is especially important if it’s evidence that needs to be used in court proceedings.

  • Emotional involvement

Although your private investigator understands that this is painful, uncharted territory for you, and though he will treat your case with the sensitivity it deserves, the fact is that the investigator can’t and won’t become emotionally involved in the case.  Your cheating spouse detective needs to remain clearheaded and focused on the investigation and on gathering evidence without breaking any laws, which would invalidate the evidence.

By the time you’ve placed the investigation into the hands of a highly trained, experienced investigator, you’ll already be struggling with the emotions that are evoked when cheating is suspected, which is going to cloud your judgement.

  • Remaining neutral

A private investigator brings neutrality to this difficult investigation on your behalf.  Their sole purpose is to investigate within the law governing private security investigators, to collect all evidence and present the facts honestly, wherever they may lead.  Trying to find out if a spouse is cheating on your own can result in exposing yourself to danger, which is why the investigation is best left in the hands of a professional.

  • Resources for gathering information

Registered private investigators that have been in the industry for a long time build up an essential network of sources that can be used for gathering information the general public doesn’t have access to, and the knowledge to do so legally and ethically.

Why King Investigators?

King Investigators is a leading firm of registered private investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa, with a well-earned reputation for integrity, honesty and confidentiality.

Having been in the industry for over ten years, King Investigators has already carried out thousands of investigations into cheating spouses, which has earned them the reputation of being the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa.

Give the team at King Investigators a call for a free, confidential consultation that will make the next step a little easier. They will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the truth for you.


Are the findings of a private investigator admissible in court?

Though there are still a few of the less than savoury characters in the industry today, on the whole, private investigators are no longer viewed as shady characters willing to go to illegal lengths to obtain evidence of wrongdoing, so if yours looks like he’s going to skirt the borderline of this pretty tarnished view of private investigators, then you’ve definitely picked the wrong one to help with your case!

With more and more people hiring private investigators to assist in what are generally very personal investigations, it’s important to note that you have every right, and in fact should, find out as much as possible about the private investigator you’re planning to hire, before taking the plunge.

King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa, offer a free consultation, which helps to give you the time to ask all the questions you need to, before you decide to hire an investigator from this team.

As a licensed and registered private investigations firm operating under a strong code of ethics, which focus on integrity and honesty in all matters, King Investigators offers trusted services to all clients, combining over ten years of experience with state of the art technology to round out highest level of professionalism.

With more and more people turning to private investigators for professional help with important matters, some of which include divorce hearings, custody hearings or hearings involving business intelligence matters, it’s important to know that the findings of your private investigator will be valid in court.

Here are a few points you need to know about whether the findings of your investigator will be admissible in court or not:

  • Admissibility in court

Information and evidence presented in court can only be considered admissible if your private investigator has gathered it without violating the laws governing the private security industry. King Investigators are registered with PSIRA, which is the governing body for the industry, which means you can be assured that any evidence presented by them will be considered admissible in any court proceeding.

  • When evidence is considered illegal by courts

The courts are very strict about what is deemed illegal evidence gathering by a private investigator.  In fact, this could do more harm than good to your case, and any true professional will know this from the outset of the case.

Methods used such as illegal phone tapping, invasion of privacy, false representation and entrapment are just a few of the things that will invalidate any evidence gathered by a private investigator.

This is where the integrity of a good, reliable private investigator could prove pivotal to the success of your case in court proceedings.

  • Does a private investigator give you an advantage in court proceedings

Yes, absolutely, and for a number of reasons.  A private investigator has the experience, time and anonymity to carry out surveillance or gather evidence without raising suspicions in the person being investigated.

Though private investigators are not above the law, they do have a lot more freedom to investigate than the police, who need warrants if they need to investigate further, or attorneys who are also governed by other codes of conduct that may not be overstepped.

A professional private investigator isn’t going to make mistakes that would jeopardise your case. They contribute legally acquired testimony and an in-depth account as an eyewitness during court proceedings.

Not sure about whether a private investigator will help or hinder your court case?

If you aren’t sure about whether you’re ready to hire a private investigator, speak to owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, to set up a free consultation. This will give you the opportunity to discuss the situation confidentially in order to make an informed decision about whether or not to go ahead with an investigation.

As specialists in surveillance for infidelity, divorce, child custody, protection and business intelligence services, the team at King Investigators make your privacy a top priority, naturally protecting your privacy by keeping all information confidential and secure.

King Investigators is not limited to working in Johannesburg and Pretoria. This team has worked many high risk investigations around the world, in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Swaziland, Namibia, Mozambique and more.

If it’s peace of mind you want when you walk into a court, with admissible evidence that is irrefutable, then King Investigators will give you just that!


Why private investigators need to remain detached from the outcome of investigations.

Private investigators have to undergo extensive training in order to be able to carry varied types of investigations, and it’s this training, along with experience, that puts any PI in a position to investigate without preconceptions or emotional attachment to the outcome of any case.

No one enjoys delivering bad news, and private investigators are just as human on this score as the rest of us. The difference is that as professionals, they’re able to remain focused and neutral, no matter what the outcomes of an investigation may be.

The role of the private investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria who form part of the King Investigators team is to work strictly according to the brief presented by a client, and to carry out the investigation to deliver bona fide evidence that cannot be disputed.

If any private investigator becomes emotionally involved during the course of an investigation, their professionalism and reputation would be compromised.

Taking the step to begin investigating a cheating spouse is an emotionally charged step for anyone to tackle on their own, there’s far too much that could go wrong if private individuals try to do the investigation on their own.

Simply taking the first step to speak to or meet with a private investigator to discuss finding proof of infidelity is tough enough, but to go through the steps alone takes the pain to an even higher level. Gathering photos, following your spouse or trying to get video evidence is going to make the experience even more painful for someone who is unqualified and deeply emotionally invested in the outcome.

The other side of this coin is that if a spouse or partner is looking for proof of cheating that can be used in court, any evidence obtained has to have been gathered legally, by a professional investigator.

There are strict guidelines that govern how far private investigators are allowed to go in order to obtain evidence of any wrongdoing, whether it’s a cheating spouse, fraud or criminal acts.

This is why it’s essential to make sure that when you hire a private investigator, you choose to work with one that is registered with PSIRA, which is the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority regulating the private security industry.

What’s important for the investigators at King Investigators is to do a thorough assessment with each client initially, making sure that the goal of the investigation will be met as expected. This is how an investigative map is created to drive the investigation in the right direction to reach the required goals for the client.

Once King Investigators has completed an investigation, the final report is one that carries the hallmark of honesty and integrity, providing video evidence, photos and a written report that would detail what is not contained in video evidence.

The fact that a private investigator remains emotionally detached during the course of any investigation means they’re able to maintain a focused, professional approach, irrespective of the ultimate outcome of the investigation.

The only goal at King Investigators is to work within the guidelines required by each client, which includes sticking to client budgets, and then to deliver proof that, if need be, will stand up to scrutiny in court.

If for any reason you’re planning to hire a private investigator in Pretoria or Johannesburg, please contact King Investigators to set up a free consultation, whether at their offices or at any other place that would set you at ease.

With over ten years’ worth of investigative experience you can rely on this team to deliver honest, professional results. There’ll be no dragging their feet in order to pad your bill or the presentation of illegally obtained information that will be of no use to you.