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It’s a fact that life is unfortunately rife with dishonest people who’ll take what isn’t theirs if they can without getting caught, which in the case of retail businesses and corporations, means having suffered major losses due to theft of products, services or sensitive business information.

The high-speed growth of technology has simply made it easier for those intent on criminal activities to get away with whatever their nefarious deeds may be. On the other hand, technology has also given business a fantastic range of gadgets that make it harder by the day for criminals to steal products, money or information – it’s just a case of having the right team of investigators on your side to be ahead of them!

Today, many of these companies have made sure that they have their own go-to team of private investigators to rely on for a myriad of solutions that’ll protect their businesses from inside and outside attacks, taking a proactive approach to protecting their interests.

As one of the leading private investigations companies in Gauteng, King Investigators has become the preferred partner for many high profile companies who rely on them to do everything from background checks into employees or board members to undercover surveillance.

Bugging is a major concern for the owners, shareholders and employees of businesses who work with extremely sensitive information, which means that they need a seasoned investigator they can rely on to debug offices and homes. In addition to this, King Investigators ensure that there is no malware on client computer systems, which is something that needs to be done regularly in an era where devices keep getting smaller and more sophisticated.

Background checks into potential employees, partners or shareholders are particularly important in a high tech age. We all know that even with our best intentions, some people are able to lie so convincingly that we are taken in and may be tempted to skip that in-depth background check.

There are times when it’s better to take a hard line such as this instead of ending up with egg on our faces, or worse, facing a scandal that exposes a board member or staff member as an ex-felon or child abuser, among other nasty skeletons in the cupboard!

If employee theft is infecting your business, the team at King Investigators has well in excess of ten years’ experience on the ground as undercover operatives to place at your disposal.  They will be able to mingle with your staff as a new employee in order to gather the information or proof required to bring a thief to book, to the extent that no one will be any the wiser.

King Investigators also carry out a full range of high level business intelligence services, which encompasses everything from misappropriation of corporate assets, embezzlement, financial and background investigations as well as counterintelligence, to name a few.

GPS vehicle tracking has become yet another asset for any business with staff out on the road or those with fleets of trucks. King Investigators will fit this GPS vehicle tracking device within seconds, anytime, anywhere, inside or outside the vehicle, to ensure that your fleet and staff are going exactly where they’re meant to!

If your business needs protection on any level, please contact King Investigators today to find out more about what these investigators can do to stop any illegal financial drain on your business.


King Investigators are the chameleons of undercover surveillance in South Africa

It takes extensive training, along with many years’ worth of experience on the ground before any investigator can be considered an expert undercover surveillance operative, and at King Investigators this is a non-negotiable necessity.

All investigators in this team have undergone rigorous training out in the field, which also includes the legalities involved in gathering evidence. In order for this team to retain the exceptional reputation earned by King Investigators for sheer professionalism, all investigators have an in-depth knowledge of a broad spectrum of tactics that can be used in undercover surveillance.

It is essential that these investigators know exactly where the boundaries lie in terms of remaining compliant with the regulations that govern all South African private investigators and how they operate. King Investigators know full well that any information or proof gathered by ignoring these regulations will render the proof inadmissible in court.

There are strict rules in place order to ensure that evidence gathered by private investigators remains well within laws governing entrapment, misrepresentation, trespassing and invasion of privacy. This is why any video or investigative reports obtained by King Investigators is of such a high standard, and that it is inevitably incontrovertible and powerful!

In an industry that has been given a bad name by a handful of shady operatives, King Investigators has proven again and again that the world of undercover surveillance is one populated by hardworking men who are able to adapt to many different situations at the drop of a hat, ensuring that the outstanding reputation for professionalism and trust earned by King Investigators is one that is well deserved.

There are also many overseas private investigators who call on this seasoned team when they need someone on the ground in South Africa. This is not only because this is home ground for this team and they know how to blend in anywhere, but also because they deliver top quality surveillance reports that leave no room for doubt and can stand the scrutiny of any court of law.

King Investigators are able to penetrate any area in any industry sector to carry out undercover surveillance that is undetected; if you are struggling with internal thefts, King Investigators will send a member of their team in to join your staff and no one will have any idea that they are in actual fact there to investigate.

In cases that involve infidelity, drugs, child abuse and other crimes, King Investigators not only have the qualifications and experience to carry out covert surveillance you can rely on to be effective, but the ability to plan these actions out to the smallest detail in order to ensure success.

Any undercover operative has to have excellent communication skills, tons of common sense and an ability to think out of the box when necessary. This makes them every bit as unique as those who choose to become policemen, doctors, nurses or teachers – it is a calling, but not everyone can rise to the immense challenges that come with a career that is this demanding!

King Investigators has made sure that they have the best of the best on their team to give clients a sense of confidence during situations that are difficult, whether in their personal or professional lives, and you can rely on this team to treat all contact and communication with them as confidential and sacrosanct.

This confidentiality, privacy and trust is all part of the package offered by King Investigators, if its professionalism and incontrovertible proof you want, this team has it all!

Will you listen to your sixth sense if it tells you your spouse may be cheating?

After over 10 years in the investigations field, carrying out undercover surveillance King Investigators has seen pretty much everything, and, as unfortunate as it may be, finding proof of infidelity is one of the most utilised investigative services this team offers.

The advent of internet chat rooms and mobile chat services have brought a new dimension into the ease with which many people are led down the road to infidelity. It was lot more difficult in the good old days when friendship circles were smaller and communities more in touch with each other, days when only a landline existed and cheating was a lot more difficult.

It may start out as an ‘innocent’ chat online, which is made easier by the fact that all our forms of communication these days are mobile, however, taking the plunge and turning what may be a light flirtation into a full-fledged affair is as easy as making the date to finally meet face to face.

This is the era we live in, and, short of keeping a constant eye on our spouse or partner and monitoring all their messages, whether on a laptop or mobile phone, we are forced to place a lot more trust in them than was necessary when life was slower and people actually communicated face to face.

If your sixth sense is telling you that something is wrong you may need to listen to it in order to have peace of mind about your relationship. Unfortunately statistics state that 85% of those who suspect that their loved one is having an affair are right.

It’s not an easy thing to call on a private investigator for assistance in a situation that is already causing pain. It means telling someone you don’t know some of the most intimate details of your relationship, and, at the very least, you’d want that person to treat your suspicions with sensitivity, which is exactly what King Investigators is able to provide.

These are all qualities that are considered first and foremost by King Investigators, in any investigation they undertake. It’s about discretion and confidentiality for this team, in helping people to negotiate uncharted territory like infidelity.

Maintaining a commitment to integrity and honesty has made King Investigators the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, trusted to deliver the facts without prejudice.

King Investigators will work with you in a way that makes you feel as comfortable as possible in the way the investigation needs to go, and will also make sure that your investigator works within your budget to deliver the level of proof you require.

The team at King Investigators fully understand that this is an emotionally charged experience for anyone who suspects that a spouse is cheating, and because of their many years in the industry, they do everything possible to make the experience a little easier for you.

Evidence gathered on a cheating spouse by King Investigators is of such quality that it can stand as evidence in a court of law should it be required. If you have hired King Investigators to carry out surveillance of a cheating spouse, you can rest assured that you will also have access to your investigator for the duration of the investigation.

At the end of the investigation you will be able to make an informed decision about the future of your relationship based on any evidence brought to light by King Investigators. This evidence will be provided in the form of video footage, photos and a written report detailing anything not included in video footage.

Contact King Investigators if you’re sixth sense is telling you that things aren’t right, and, no matter how tough the situation is, their experience and ability to communicate will be a clear indication of the professionalism you can expect from them.

Need the largest team of seasoned investigators in SA to tackle any investigative challenge?

King Investigators has gathered such a large, highly trained team of seasoned investigators and undercover operatives over the course of more than ten years in the industry, that they are in a position to offer the widest range of investigative services possible, making them the top investigations company in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Because of the ability to access information the general public cannot get to, the team at King Investigators are experts where it comes to the tracing services they offer, whether it’s to trace a missing loved one, someone who has not made it to a court appearance or simply looking up an old romantic flame – if King Investigators cannot find them, no one will!

King Investigators is often called on to assist clients who suspect that their spouse is cheating, which has unfortunately become even more prevalent than ever before as a result of our high-tech, fast paced life.

While it doesn’t sound in the least romantic, having a background check done on someone you are starting a new relationship with is more common than you may think, for both men and women.

The last thing you want is to find out, when it’s too late, is that you are involved with someone who is still married, has drug related issues or is a spousal or child abuser – these are issues that are always hidden at the beginning of the relationship.

No matter how uncomfortable you may feel about involving a private investigator, the fact is that you deserve the protection the knowledge affords you, and if you have children, it is even more important to know as much as you can about the person you are bringing into their lives.

These are examples of just a few of the investigative services offered by King Investigators, this team covers everything from counterintelligence to investigative due diligence services, mobile phone forensic investigations and insurance claims investigations.

Every member of the King Investigators team is committed to remaining up to date with the latest spyware technology and mobile phone technology in order to effectively carry out successful investigations. In fact, in many of these areas, they also play a supportive role in cases where the South African Police Services have hit a wall due to the regulations governing their investigations.

No private investigator is above the law, however, they do not have the onus of having to get search warrants in order to take any investigation further, and, SAPS also calls King Investigators in to do polygraph testing and voice stress analysis in a role as outside experts.

Whatever the reason you contact King Investigators, you can be 100% sure that you are not going to be ripped off in any way. They work within your budget, maintain a high level of professional communication throughout an investigation. Above all, they guarantee that all investigative reports you receive from this team will contain incontrovertible proof that you can take to court!

If you choose a backstreet, ‘cheap’ investigator, know that you are going to have the complete opposite of what you wanted. Illegally acquired proof will be worthless, you’ll be out a pretty penny and left holding nothing.

Choosing an ethical investigative company like King Investigators is going to meet your budget and deliver a professional investigation that puts these kinds of operators to shame!