Partner with King Investigations to protect your business with expert company investigations

Most people associate private investigators with cases involving infidelity, divorce or custody cases, but there is also an important role played by investigators in the business world, for a variety of reasons.


Many businesses and major corporations ensure that they have a good working relationship with a trusted investigator they partner with, one who can be called in to manage a myriad of business issues that only a professional with experience can undertake.


An experienced investigations company like King Investigators  is a valuable resource for any business or organisation that wants to protect their company from fraud, theft or corporate espionage, in fact, from anything that may have a negative impact on a good business reputation!


King Investigators have close business ties with companies who call on them regularly to carry out thorough background checks into potential employees, especially if the position is on an executive level, or in a sensitive department.


In order for any business to take disciplinary action against an employee for anything that impacts the business negatively, such as theft, fraud, drug abuse or the sharing of confidential company information with competitors, evidence needs to be uncovered by professionals, those who are able to go undercover, or take whatever steps are necessary to provide positive proof that cannot be denied or disputed legally.


Retaining a private investigations company with a trusted reputation and many years’ worth of experience in the industry such as King Investigators, makes taking remedial action against anyone in your business straightforward – you know that you can contact the investigator you’ve partnered with immediately, and that it’s a relationship based on trust.


King Investigators has the experience of over ten years in the industry to back up every form of investigation undertaken. These are experts who have been highly trained and are veterans at carrying out investigations that include everything from debugging your boardroom or offices, to polygraph tests and voice stress analysis tests.


In any investigation, be it private or business, it’s important to note that King Investigators are able to access information from many different sources that are not available to the general public. This includes the experience and ability to carry out comprehensive research and detailed data analysis, in order to establish strong enough proof to allow a business to build an airtight case.


In business and corporate investigations, King Investigators have the experience to infiltrate your business in an undercover role, either as an employee or as a consultant, in order to discover whether there is in fact any threat to your corporate assets, proof of employee dishonesty or theft, as well as whether there is any threat of internal or external embezzlement in your business.


We live in an age of information technology, and in order to remain on top of information flowing in and out of your business, and maintain your success, there will be information that is not easy to access if you are not a licenced investigator.


If you are running a business that employs a large staff contingent, retaining the services of professionals like King Investigators and developing a relationship built on trust would be a sensible decision, especially when you can count on King Investigators to manage business investigations on many different levels.


When you need a team of professional business investigators you can rely on to carry out everything from financial and background investigations to counterintelligence and undercover investigations to protect your business, call on King Investigations to partner with you, so that you can take the approach that prevention will be infinitely better than a cure when it’s too late.


Contact King Investigators for professional investigative services that deliver trusted results

Whether an investigation is carried out for individuals or for businesses, King Investigators bring a wealth of invaluable experience and training to the job of finding evidence of any wrongdoing. In over ten years in the industry, King Investigators has never offered anything less than evidence that is incontrovertible.


If there is evidence of wrongdoing, King Investigators will present the client with evidence that isn’t tainted by compromising the investigation in any way, including the use of unlawful or intrusive actions.


As a top private investigations company based in South Africa, King Investigators has an intimate knowledge of the areas in which they carry out investigations in country.


As locals, they are able to deal with the specific challenges that come with the territory, especially in terms of carrying out round-the-clock surveillance in hotels, restaurants, holiday resorts, casinos and shopping malls. They need this intimate knowledge of the lay of the land and customs in order to operate effectively, no matter the investigation.


If you are hiring a private investigator, it’s essential to check into the background, experience and scope of investigative services the investigator is able to carry out, before you take them into your confidence.


King Investigators are registered with PSIRA (Private Security Regulatory Authority of South Africa), which has never had to deal with any complaint brought against King Investigators. On an international scale, this team is trusted by many overseas investigators who maintain close ties to King Investigators for when they need a team they can rely on to do a thoroughly professional investigation when their cases extend into South Africa!


Aside from training programs in the art of undercover operations, counterintelligence and other tactics used during various investigations, King Investigators remains up to date with the latest in technology, as well as using equipment specifically designed for investigative work.


Taken together, all of this is key to the success enjoyed by King Investigations and the trust placed in this team by many satisfied clients.


King Investigators is also one of the largest surveillance based investigative firms in South Africa, which gives them the manpower and ability to handle cases at a moment’s notice nationwide. In this way they are able to offer direct and immediate contact with investigators in the field, who will always keep you fully informed with any updates as they occur on assignment.


There is absolutely nothing seedy about King Investigators, they are in a class of their own in terms of sheer professionalism, unrivalled integrity and honesty. Video evidence and reports are delivered accurately and on time, with clear attention to detail.


Whether you need investigators to carry out business investigations, tracing, debugging (which can be vital with the technology available today) or background checks, this team will deliver. As far as finding evidence on cheating spouses is concerned, King Investigators have the necessary experience to uncover evidence of infidelity, as well as to tackle every type of investigation there is.


Over ten years of combined invaluable experience measures the quality you can expect from any form of private investigation carried out by King Investigations. The ability of this team to adapt to any situation and respond appropriately on the ground is very much a part of the reason for the trust that is placed in King Investigations by many individuals and businesses in South Africa.


While there may be many who will never need the services of a private investigator, there are also many people who hire private investigators as a matter of routine before tackling any project on a business level or on a personal level, for which they expect and always receive results that are honest and transparent.


Contact King Investigators to find out more about what has made this team the number one investigations firm in South Africa!

King Investigators carry out private investigations that produce results delivered with integrity.

King Investigators carry out a full range of private investigations in South Africa for a wide variety of reasons, some personal and some professional or business-related, and the scope of their services covers virtually every aspect of investigation that requires a licence to access to information which is not available to the average person.


King Investigators carry out a full range of private investigation services in South Africa, of these, some are personal and some professional or business-related. The scope of their services cover virtually every aspect of investigation that requires licenced access to information that is not available to the average person.


With the high level of training and experience required in the field for anyone to become a private investigator, King Investigators has chosen to work with only the best, to become the largest, most reputable private investigation firm in South Africa, and to maintain a highly respected reputation with clients.


King Investigations is in a position to conduct investigative work throughout South Africa and abroad, and, with a vast network of highly trained, experienced investigative associates, this team is ready to spring into action the moment their assistance is required,


The results of any investigation carried out by King Investigators are always delivered professionally and honestly, without wasting any time, or padding expenses. They get to the crux of any investigation without hesitation, delivering results that are obtained without resorting to underhand tactics which would in any way compromise an investigation.


The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) holds all private investigators in South Africa to a strict code of conduct, overseeing the industry in order to protect the public from unscrupulous operators who would take advantage of clients needing investigative services.


King Investigators are proud members of PSIRA, and of their unblemished record of services in accordance with all the rules and regulations as set out in their code of conduct.  King Investigators have the experience to avoid compromising any investigation by using tactics that do not comply with these regulations.


Any evidence that is gathered actions such as entrapment, misrepresentation, trespassing or invasion of privacy, will be of no use to any client, which is why King Investigators ensure that their teams are made up of highly trained professionals who know exactly how to provide incontrovertible evidence, which includes reports and video surveillance, that will stand up to scrutiny in any court.


King Investigators is available to assist with investigative services such as:


Tracing missing persons

Obtaining information about the credibility of a potential employee, person or company

Providing evidence of infidelity and cheating spouses, or conducting background research into new life partners or spouses

Conduct thorough background checks on potential business partners, investors or companies

Checking into the legitimacy of a potential investment and safeguarding your business information, property or assets

Verifying insurance claims and workman’s compensation claims

Assisting individuals and the police services with investigating crimes

Debugging your office, home, cell phone or car

Carrying out forensic and ballistic analysis …… and more!


These are issues that cannot be handled by any private individual without the necessary experience in forensic research, covert surveillance or the latest technology that is used in carrying out an in-depth investigation.


Should a time come when you require the services of professional private investigators committed to a strict code of ethics and high level of professional integrity, make King Investigators your first call, to ensure that the results you receive will be above reproach on every level!

Leave investigating a cheating spouse to trained professionals!

Getting friends and family involved in an investigation into infidelity, or even trying to do it yourself, is going to cause major problems on a personal level. There is just too much invested emotionally to try and do something like this on your own, and at the end of it all, the proof you may be able to get will not stand up to scrutiny in a court of law, if that is what you’re aiming for.


The same applies to cases involving suspected drug abuse or the selling of drugs, in fact, investigations into issues such as this, there is danger involved, especially if guns are involved, and if not handled by professionals, could explode in your face in ways you may not have thought of.


These types of investigations are better left to certified, highly trained professional investigators, who know exactly what will be admissible in court or not. Even if the evidence is not intended for a court case, if you are, for instance, going to confront a spouse or partner about any of proof that may be dug up, having positive proof that cannot be denied is going to make your final decision about the relationship a lot easier to make.


King Investigators are professionals who have a respected reputation that has been built up over the course of over ten years, and they offer absolute confidentiality, with results delivered with integrity and honesty in all that they do.


The team at King Investigators understands the delicacy of the situation when it comes to assisting clients who suspect their partner or spouse of infidelity. They have undertaken thousands of cases of infidelity and always remain within your comfort level as far as what you want them to do during the investigation.


The point in all of this is that they understand how difficult and painful it can be when confronted with positive proof of cheating, and will never do anything but offer a true report of their findings.


The proliferation of mobile phones and social platforms have unfortunately opened new ways of communication for cheating spouses. However, because King Investigations is always up to date with the latest technology, it is now also far easier for them to gather evidence based on the location of a mobile phone, or any communication being conducted in private on mobile devices.


With the pride that King Investigators takes in their reputation, experience and high standards, you will be dealing with experts who’ll be able to give you the right guidance and support during what is more often than not a painful experience.


If you’ve already made the decision to hire a top cheating spouse detective in South Africa, whether you meet him at the King Investigators offices, or at a location that is more comfortable for you, you can rely on the absolute discretion offered by this team, even if only in an online chat or phone conversation!


Even if you’re not yet ready to take the steps towards hiring a private detective, give King Investigators a call to find out what your options would be should you decide to take the matter further.


Keep yourself, your family and friends out of any investigation of infidelity or drug use, and trust the professionals to use unbiased, highly experienced methodology that falls well within industry rules and regulations for any investigation!