King Investigators – full-service private investigators in Gauteng

When you need a cheating spouse detective in South Africa who will also be able to follow a paper trail left by a spouse trying to hide assets, then King Investigators is the place to start.

This team of registered private investigators (Privaat Speurders) are seasoned professionals who are able to tackle any case brought to them without missing a beat.

As a full-service private investigative firm in Gauteng, King Investigators provide a broad range of investigative services to clients locally and abroad, whether the clients are individuals or businesses.

In order to be able to offer their impressive range of services, the team at King Investigators have tackled cases that range from infidelity to theft and fraud, and from business intelligence cases to tracing people.

Combining extensive experience as undercover surveillance specialists with the use of state of the art technology has put King Investigators at the top of their field for over ten years to date, a position valued highly by owner Jacques Botha and his team of investigators.

The rapid growth of technology has changed the face of crime on all fronts, from allowing people to produce seemingly perfect CV’s that can’t be questioned, to cheaters using mobile technology to remain undetected as they go about their extra-marital affairs.

The team at King Investigators is committed to remaining ahead of the curve in terms of the changing face of criminality and dishonesty, which is why technology plays a major role in many of their investigations.

Honesty and integrity are vital qualities in their field as far as these registered investigators are concerned, living up to their reputation for delivering results timeously and at highly competitive rates on a consistent basis.

Here’s a basic list of investigative services offered by King Investigators


As the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, King Investigators is committed to gathering evidence of infidelity the right way, so that by the time a case comes to court, the evidence cannot be disputed.

Having carried out thousands of investigations into cheating spouses, this team is able to assure clients that no stone will be left unturned in their search for the truth.

In-depth background checks:

Whether you’re hiring someone new, taking on a new business partner or a new love interest in your life, King Investigators has the tools and resources to put at your disposal to make sure you are able to make informed decisions in important areas of your life, business and private.

Business services

King Investigators assist business owners in uncovering crimes that are putting their business interests at risk and causing unexplained losses, such as those incurred through fraud, embezzlement or theft of products, among others.

In addition to this, King Investigators also provide due diligence services aimed at providing businesses with investigative reports that can impact business decisions one way or the other.

Polygraph testing

Using the very latest in polygraph technology, King Investigators use polygraph testing in a range of cases, such as for pre-employment testing, cases involving employee theft and criminal activities in general.

Undercover surveillance

As one of the most important tools used to gather information, King Investigators brings over ten years’ worth of field experience to bear in undercover surveillance, in cases that range right across from the criminal underworld to infidelity.

There is a lot more to what King Investigators is able to bring to any case, criminal or civil, and should you have any questions about a case you want pursued, please contact owner Jacques Botha in confidence.