Are you living with a cheater?

This is something no one wants to have to think about, but, according to statistics, up to 85% of those who have experienced the terrible gut feeling that their spouse is cheating, are actually right.

At first it’s easier to pass the feeling off as being in your imagination, but if the bells are all ringing in your sixth sense and you see things changing in your spouse, it may be time to face reality by hiring a private investigator.

Not to be a Pollyanna, but there are instances in which the suspicion was unfounded and the breakup of a relationship avoided. Unfortunately the opposite is more often than not the truth.

Even entertaining the thought that someone you love and share your life with is being unfaithful is deeply painful, and it will be even more painful to come face to face with the proof of infidelity.

Because exposing cheaters is such a sensitive type of investigation, you’re going to need a cheating spouse detective who’ll treat your suspicions with respect and give you the kind of support you’re going to need during the investigation.

King Investigators have carried out thousands of cases involving infidelity, which has given them the experience to be able to provide you with incontrovertible proof of infidelity as quickly as possible.

Above all else, this professional team of investigators with over ten years’ worth of experience, will help you to navigate these uncharted waters as they set out on the investigation.

Right from the start you can count on knowing all you need to make an informed decision about the way you want the case conducted.

This would include talking about your budget, and, with these guys you can be sure that no matter what your budget is, they’ll find a way to see that you have the evidence you need, without breaking the bank.

As difficult as this is to share with a stranger, you need to know that Jacques Botha and his team have seen it all and they will handle your case with the sensitivity you deserve.

King Investigators takes an uncompromising approach to uncovering evidence of infidelity, ensuring that the evidence they provide at the conclusion of the case is of the highest quality.

Before the investigation gets started you and your investigator will discuss what you want and what you don’t want to happen in the investigation, to produce the kind of evidence you need, whether you need it for a divorce case or for other reasons.

You will also know what will happen from a financial point of view, so that you don’t get saddled with a bill that’s way out of the ballpark for you.

It’s important to note here that if you hire the wrong investigator you could end up with evidence that’s illegally gathered and a bill that’s padded with expenses that can’t be justified.

King Investigators will also make sure that you understand the importance of not letting on that your spouse is being investigated for infidelity, no matter how hard it is to pretend all is fine.

Confidentiality, integrity, honesty and sheer professionalism is a guarantee when you put King Investigators to work on your case.  If you feel that you’d rather face the truth than not, please contact Jacques. You can chat with him online, fill in the online contact form or give him a call.