Personal reasons for hiring a private investigator

The number one reason anyone resorts to hiring a professional private investigator is that whatever the information they’re looking for, is not what they can find on their own in safety.

Where issues such as domestic abuse are involved there are lives at risk, which makes it extremely dangerous for the person at risk, or even family members, to gather proof of the abuse without raising the risk level of the situation.

If the evidence required is such that it can be used in a court, it’s imperative that a professional, experienced private investigator be hired to do what is unsafe for the individual to do.

The reasons for hiring a private investigator in such deeply personal issues is never easy, but, if lives, children or marriages are at risk, then each of us deserves to have someone who can be trusted to protect us during an investigation, and then to produce irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing.

Dealing with an investigative firm such as King Investigators is the first step to protecting your own interests and safety, based on the fact that this team of investigators are consummate investigators with over ten years’ worth of experience in the field.

Personal reasons for hiring a private investigator

Domestic abuse

Despite the fact that domestic abuse is an issue that is regularly highlighted and discussed in the open, it remains one of the most frightening crimes that are kept secret by those being abused.

Police don’t get involved in domestic abuse, all they can do is arrest and hold the abuser overnight, but this unfortunately often puts the victim in even more danger once he or she returns home.

Having evidence of abuse is a completely different matter.  The only way to get the level of evidence that can be used in a criminal prosecution safely is to bring in a trusted private investigator who will protect the victim throughout the investigation.

This type of evidence is absolutely necessary if it is to be used in a divorce case or custody case, and for that, evidence that’s irrefutable must be presented to the court.

Infidelity and divorce

If there is infidelity involved in a divorce, the proof has to be of such a standard that it will be accepted in court. Evidence has to be of this level so that the lawyer for the opposing party cannot poke holes in it, and the judge will also not be able to ignore this type of solid evidence.

If, for any reason, one spouse suspects the other of being involved in criminal activities, having absolute evidence to back up suspicions is going to be of the utmost importance when it comes to a divorce case.

Child custody

The fight for custody is deeply emotional, with each parent wanting the best for their child, but, there is often one party who may not have the best interests of the child at heart and is simply using the child as a weapon against the other.

Children’s rights come first, and even if custody is to be shared, children are often exposed to drug and alcohol abuse, which can only lead to neglect and child endangerment on the part of the guilty party.

When there is any indication that abuse or neglect of the child is taking place, it’s vital for the party petitioning for custody to have evidence to prove that this is indeed what’s happening.

Your private investigator knows exactly how to go about gathering the type of evidence that will assist you to protect your child from any of these situations, and it’s the foremost way to present your case to the court.

Whether you need evidence in order to protect yourself, your children or any other member of your family, contact the registered private investigators at King Investigators, they have the background, experience and knowledge that’s absolutely necessary in such profoundly personal circumstances.