King Investigators provide high level undercover surveillance

Undercover surveillance is a speciality field in the world of private investigations, and, if you aren’t careful about who you’ll trust to tackle your case, you could wind up with egg on your face.

As undercover surveillance experts, King Investigators bring the highest level of training and many years’ worth of experience in the field to every investigation they undertake.

As a registered private investigator, Jacques Botha, owner, heads an expert team of investigators in South Africa, covering a wide spectrum of investigative services made possible through the use of state of the art technology, which is incorporated into undercover surveillance to achieve high success rates.

Another aspect of what makes King Investigators worth trusting with the most confidential information is the fact that Jacques and his team go to bat to maintain a reputation for honesty and integrity in a field that works at uncovering dishonesty.

As a result of the commitment to delivering honest results at competitive prices, top law firms, companies, corporations and international clients rely on King Investigators to deliver the facts, without any frills.

These are results that can stand up to scrutiny in court, to the extent that it is seldom that an investigator from this team has to back up his evidence in court.

This is a team that knows the value of having an intimate knowledge of law, which is an absolute necessity if you’re looking for evidence that is untainted by methods not acceptable to their industry.

The fact that King Investigators is registered with the PSIRA, the governing body that ensures its members operate according to standards that demand a high standard of evidence gathering, is indicative of their professional standards.

If the private investigator you’re planning to hire isn’t registered as a private investigator or with the PSIRA, look elsewhere immediately!

Back to why undercover surveillance is such a specialised field.  If an investigator is carrying out surveillance on behalf of a client wanting proof of infidelity, divorce or child safety (includes child custody and safety when not with custodial parent), the subject of investigation cannot be alerted to the fact that they are under surveillance.

The danger point in all of these highly emotive situations is when the investigator is exposed, which then leads to danger for the client who instituted the investigation.

Jacques is very aware of these dangers and has had his fair share of high risk investigations in South Africa and internationally, over the course of ten years in the field, which is exactly what any client should be able to rely on in an investigator carrying out undercover surveillance.

Being an undercover investigator is demanding, physically and mentally, calling for the ability to think on the go and to adjust to changes that happen unexpectedly, as they do.

To accomplish this at the highest level requires a lot of common sense on the part of the investigator, as well as excellent communication skills thrown into the mix for a successful operation.

If you’re looking for a top private investigator in Johannesburg and Pretoria, let King Investigators introduce you to the way any undercover investigation should be conducted.

Your confidentiality and security is of the highest value to Jacques and his team, so that even if you simply want to find out more about what these investigators can bring to the table in a case you may want investigated, your query and information will be absolutely inviolate.