When you want evidence that can be trusted in any case, contact King Investigators

Driven by a passion for excellence in the field of private investigations, King Investigators are a prime example of a professional investigative company that can deliver proof of any wrongdoing on the behalf of a client, without in any way compromising on their own integrity.

Integrity is essential in this world that often reaches into the darker underbelly of life to deliver evidence of wrongdoing in any case.

This is where the professionalism of the team of PI’s from King Investigators draws the line between investigating the darker sides of life and remaining objective witnesses, without compromising their own integrity.

Honesty and the swift delivery of results is the bottom line at King Investigators, earning them a reputation for being able to provide the level of evidence that is irrefutable and cannot be torn apart in court due to the professionalism of this team.

As registered members of PSiRA, the governing body of the safety and security industry, King Investigators knows, understands and works according to the strict rules and regulations governing the way in which investigations are undertaken.

Technology also plays a major part in investigations undertaken by King Investigators. The use of technology during investigations has opened up many new avenues for private investigators to explore, and, with a keen analytical ability, this often leads to the lowering of investigative costs for clients and an even higher quality of evidence.

The hands-on side of private investigations, which is undercover surveillance, will always need feet on the ground and human intelligence, however, technology also plays a major part in undercover surveillance today, giving the team at King Investigators a latitude that didn’t exist prior to the growth of technology.

Having been in the investigative field for over ten years, King Investigators is closely affiliated with private businesses, corporate conglomerates, legal firms and insurance companies, which speaks to their level of professionalism and proven reputation.

In addition to this, King Investigators work with many overseas investigators who need a local investigator in South Africa they can rely on to deliver quality services.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, has also undertaken his fair share of dangerous investigations Venezuela and Brazil, as well as in countries bordering South Africa such as Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, right across to Mozambique, which has only served to add to an already outstanding reputation.

Whether you need an investigator in your personal capacity as an individual or in your business capacity, it would be hard to find an investigative firm that has as high a rate of success or experience such as can be found at King Investigators.

For anyone suspecting a spouse of infidelity, at King Investigators you have the number one cheating spouse detective on your side when you decide that you want someone you can trust with this very difficult experience.

Smoking out employees who steal, or finding assets hidden by one party or the other in a divorce case is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the range of investigative services offered by King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Contact King Investigators for peace of mind when you’re ready to take the big step towards getting any investigation off the ground.


Private investigators as professionals date back to early 1700’s

Well, not quite, since as far back as the mind can go there has always been a need for spies, especially in the legendary battles of ancient Egypt, Sumeria, Rome, Germania and the city of legends, Babylon, in Persia.

Wherever wars have been fought or information needed to gain the upper hand in any situation, there have been those willing to risk life and limb for the information, either out of passion for a cause or a few pieces of silver to line their pockets.

Naturally, as far as we can cast our minds back, infidelity has existed, the difference between then and now is that a private investigator today is licensed to provide evidence, whereas back then it was more than likely that the procurer of the evidence would also become executioner!

Of course, none of these could be considered private investigators in the true sense of the word, but, information is information and sometimes the only way to get it back then was to spy!

Who were the first official private detectives?

The Bow Street Runners

Set up in 1749 The Bow Street Runners, under these auspices, were the first real professional police force ever established in London, which would, by 1839, ultimately give way to the Metropolitan Police of today.

While this isn’t what would be called a recognised private investigations firm, it was to be the beginning of a semblance of order in the field.

French (CID), the Sûreté Nationale

The French (CID), the Sûreté Nationale was founded in 1809 by the first recognised private investigator, Eugène François Vidocq. This same man had started on the wrong side of the law, doing everything that he would use later to investigate crimes of all types, based on his own experience as a criminal.

He’d made a deal with the head of the Criminal Department in Paris to become an informant in order to serve out the balance of a prison sentence he’d yet again escaped, and turned it into a true baddy gone good story!

Vidocq’s experience as a criminal turned him into one of the first true criminalists, making him the true father of Private Investigators. He also founded Le bureau des Renseignements (the office of information), which was both a detective agency and a private police force when needs be.

The Pinkerton’s

The Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency was founded by Alan Pinkerton.  He was a Scotsman who immigrated to the US to in 1842, became a deputy sheriff and eventually the first police detective in Chicago in 1850.

When Pinkerton found out about a plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln, he went on to found the beginnings of the US Secret Service during the Civil War.

Private Investigators today

Today, private investigators are professionals who are licensed to carry out their tradecraft according to a high standard of ethics, remaining well within the law in order to provide clients the confidence that they’re dealing with highly trained, competent professionals.

The body that regulates the industry in South Africa is the PSiRA, whose objective is to regulate the private security industry in the interests of the public and the industry itself.

The types of cases that private investigators undertake today cover a vast range of cases, from fraud and criminal investigations to business intelligence, infidelity to lie detector or voice stress analysis tests.

As registered, licenced private investigators, a firm such as King Investigators in South Africa is able to offer services that are versatile, giving this team the upper hand in that it can do more than one type of investigation for a client if needs be.

If you need the benefit of a trusted, honest private investigator in Johannesburg and Pretoria, contact King Investigators today for a confidential chat that will give you a starting point for the case you are wanting to pursue.

How will you know whether a PI will take you for a ride or not?

If you were to hire a builder you would do your homework on him, wouldn’t you? Well, the same goes for hiring a private investigator in South Africa.

Finding the right one means that you need to arm yourself with the most important questions to ask him right off the bat. This is where you get to become the investigator, and it’s an important role for you to play if what you want is evidence that is true and irrefutable, gathered legally.

Here are a few questions you need to ask

What’s his background?

More often than not you’ll find that a private investigator has a background in law enforcement, which gives him a balanced understanding of what a thorough investigation requires.

It also means that he’s more than likely seen it all, which he now brings to bear on any case he’ll undertake.

Is he licenced as a private investigator?

It’s essential to work with a licenced investigator, not only to ensure the quality of evidence presented, but also to have recourse if you have any reason to believe that you have been misled in any way.

Make sure that he is registered with PSiRA, which is the governing body of the security industry.

How long has he been in the industry?

No education can beat experience out in the field, especially in the world of PI’s. Undercover surveillance can be very dangerous and the only way to ensure the safety of the private investigator and the client is that the PI have many years’ worth of experience behind him.

In the case of King Investigators, owner Jacques Botha has been a registered Private Investigator for over ten years, splitting his time between criminal and civil investigations in South Africa and across its borders.

Does he have knowledge of the legal system?

This is a very important question for you to ask, especially if the evidence you require will be presented in court. If the PI knows nothing about the legal system or about law enforcement, there’s a high probability that he’ll end up gathering evidence illegally and overstepping the boundaries of the code of ethics that governs the industry.

Is he up to date with technology?

If you ask Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators this question, he can answer unequivocally that the only way that he and his team of professional PI’s can offer an outstanding service, is to make sure they are able to use state of the art technology to achieve quality results faster than ever before.

Possible costs of the investigation?

It’s unfortunate but true that there are some private investigators who will literally fleece you as much as they can, padding expense accounts and adding extras that were never agreed upon, and then leave you with empty hands and tainted evidence.

If the PI you’re talking to is open about costs of an investigation you’ll know you’re at the right place. He’ll tell you about what can be done for how much, and where you can save and still get the best evidence possible from a true professional.

Contact King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg with all these questions and you’ll find that the answers are exactly as they should be for an investigative firm that values honesty, integrity and professionalism above all!

Here’s what lies ahead when you hire a cheating spouse detective

If you’ve reached a point where you need to know whether your spouse is cheating or not, you’re going to need the support of a professional cheating spouse detective in South Africa.

That support will be vital to you as you move through these uncharted waters, especially since you can rely on the fact that your private investigator will be able to make it a little easier on you by the mere fact that they remain objective throughout the case.

This objectivity is what can help you to retain the strength not to let on to your spouse that he or she is being investigated, which counts for a lot if it turns out that your suspicions are unfounded. There is then still space to save the relationship from damage.

If it’s the best cheating spouse detective you want on your case, then King Investigators in Gauteng can and will leave no stone unturned in order to deliver a professional report that can be used in court if that is what you require.

If what you need is surveillance on your spouse for a custody case or to deal with hidden assets during a divorce, then you’re at the right place with this team too.

Before you even get to the hiring stage you are welcome to give owner Jacques Botha a call for a confidential chat that may just make the decision to follow through a little easier than it is.

Once that is out of the way, you’ll be able to meet face-to-face at a venue that makes you feel comfortable.

This is when the details will need to be filled in.  Jacques will need to know as much about your spouse, his or her habits and movements, and anything else that would help to bring the case to a swift conclusion.

You’ll be able to discuss your budget at this meeting so that King Investigators can work around it and still deliver evidence that cannot be called into question, even in court.

You’ll find that the team at King Investigators have the utmost respect for your suspicions and as such will treat your case with the sensitivity you deserve at a highly emotionally charged time.

You’ll be able to decide on how much video and photographic evidence you’d need to back up the professionally compiled report at the conclusion of the case.

You can rely on an open line of communication with your PI during the investigation so that you don’t feel completely cut off during an already difficult experience.

It’s important that you recognise that King Investigators don’t operate outside of the law, which means that even undercover surveillance can only be carried out in public places like shopping malls, pubs, restaurants and casinos etc. – there’ll be no peeping through windows with this team!

Any private investigator that engages in unlawful acts such as invasion of privacy or misrepresentation, to name just a few, will jeopardise your case and leave you with evidence that is tainted and useless.

Let King Investigators take the lead for you on this difficult journey to the truth, because that’s what you’ll get from these professionals, the unvarnished truth!