How much is your company loosing as a result of petty theft & fraud

With a 30% rise in unemployment and a volatile economic situation in South Africa, theft and fraud on the part of staff is on the rise.  Even people who are honest at their core can become so desperate to keep the wolf from the door that they resort to petty theft or fraud.

Employee theft takes many forms, such as dipping into the petty cash box or stealing your company’s merchandise.

Then we have fraudulent transactions such as an employee embezzling money from the company or selling databases of your clients to the competition.

There are plenty of takers who’ll pay for that type of information, and they pay well, but no matter how it’s done, your company is losing more than you can imagine to employee theft.

Worse yet is that you can’t just accuse someone of theft or fraud willy nilly, you need to go about it in a way that’s legal, so that if the evidence is needed for disciplinary hearings or outright dismissal, it’ll be based on hard evidence.

The tougher times become, the more inventive people become where it comes to supplementing their legitimate income through company theft, and technology has made it even easier to ‘cook’ the books!

There’s not much you can do about a lot of this employee theft on your own, but this is where the services of a top investigative firm such as King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria can help in rooting out any of these issues on your behalf.

King Investigators is headed by Jacques Botha, an experienced, licensed private investigator with more than ten years’ experience in the industry to bring to bear on any investigation, which he does along with his team of professional, highly trained investigators.

As undercover surveillance experts, any one of the private investigators affiliated with this company is able to infiltrate the ranks of your employees who are in sensitive positions, such as those involved in despatch or receipt of merchandise, or those in a position to commit fraud, without anyone being any the wiser.

Here’s a brief rundown of the type of employee theft or fraud that is faced today by virtually every business:

  • Theft of money

This can start ‘small’, such as dipping into the petty cash, or, on a far larger scale, diversion of payments from clients into the employees account instead of into the business account.

  • Theft of supplies

Few people think twice about taking a few pens or popping company photocopy paper into a bag and heading out the door without you being aware of it, however, this petty theft, when counted over a year for instance, adds up to more than you may think.

Petty theft or pilfering is often the doorway for employees to take theft or pilfering to the next level, causing your company to become like a sieve that can’t contain all the cash draining out of it.

  • Theft of company merchandise

This is another area in which any clued up employee can use their position to supplement their income by stealing company merchandise for resale.

  • Theft of company information

With organised crime growing at an alarming rate, and the prices they will pay for company information such as trade secrets, new product designs and any other intellectual property or other confidential information, even the most trusted employee can fall foul to this kind of theft, once again, to supplement their income.

Why hire a private investigator to uncover employee theft and fraud?

That’s easy.  To protect your business and plug the leaks that amount to huge losses over time, and to protect the reputation of your company!

This is exactly what King Investigators can assist you with, since they’ve seen and heard it all, and there are many ways in which they are able to ferret out information you are unable to find on your own.

Being up to date with state of the art investigative procedures, which include going undercover, carrying out in-depth interviews with employees, as well as lie detector tests or voice stress analysis techniques, gives this team the expertise that’s integral to the success of any investigation.

If you suspect or are aware that any of the above may apply to your business and can’t prove it, contact King Investigators and let this team of professionals help to protect your interests.