Are you crazy or is your spouse cheating?

No one who has ever loved another wants to think or even face the truth that a partner or spouse is cheating, but, it’s a fact that rears its ugly head to cause the pain of betrayal, sense of betrayal and anger in more lives than you may imagine.

When your sixth sense starts niggling at you, telling you something is wrong somewhere, you may even be too afraid of the possibility that that niggling voice may be right.

Unfortunately, if you speak to a top cheating spouse detective from King Investigators in South Africa, they’ll tell you that in 85% of these cases, the sixth sense is telling it as it is.

The problem with this is that when you confront your spouse and ask for the truth, nine times out of ten your partner will make you feel like you’re crazy, and that you’re imagining things.

Look out for the level of defensiveness because this is often a good indicator of whether you’re hitting a raw nerve or not.

Not every spouse who starts taking an interest in their appearance is a cheater, nor is every spouse that stays late at work a cheater, but there are signs, which if taken together, definitely point to the fact that your spouse may be cheating.

It’s important that you check and recheck your sixth sense before pushing and rocking your marriage, because assumptions are not good enough reasons to start breaking up the relationship.

Here are a few red flags to look out for if you suspect infidelity

  • Has your spouse or partner suddenly started going to great lengths to improve their looks and change the way they dress?
  • Has he or she started spending hours in the gym when they’ve never been interested in their physique or working out? (Bear in mind that we live in an age where physical fitness is at its peak, so not everyone spending hours in the gym is cheating!)
  • Has your spouse started taking more business trips, and or staying late at the office more than before?
  • Has your spouse become extremely secretive about their cell phone, adding a password where there never was one and fielding calls that have to be taken out of earshot, or, the usual ‘wrong number’ line?
  • Have you noticed any decrease in your sex life? Or it could be that they suddenly want to try new things that just don’t fit your relationship?

If there are too many yeses to these questions, your sixth sense is probably right and you’re dealing with a cheating spouse, by which time your heart already feels like its breaking.

This this is where you decide about whether you want the truth or choose to ignore the signs in order to keep the marriage or relationship together.

Should your decision be to hire a cheating spouse detective let King Investigators guide you through these rough waters with sensitivity.

Their honesty, integrity and professionalism are in no doubt, as is evidenced by the fact that owner Jacques Botha is a registered PI and that his company, King Investigators, is PSIRA registered, which is easy enough to check out.

Contact Jacques for a confidential chat before taking any major steps, at the very least you’ll have an honest assessment of what would lie ahead for you should you decide that the truth is better than living with suspicion eroding your relationship.