Background checks – should you or shouldn’t you

Background checks are touchy subject for most people on the receiving end of them, however, in many instances carrying out background checks are one of the best forms of protection, whether for a company or for an individual.

Today we have the technology that makes it easy for anyone to manufacture a false CV and then to enlist the help of others to act as false references for previously held positions.

Added to this is the fact that most companies find it easier to fire someone found guilty of any act that may involve theft or fraud than to take them to court.

They won’t include the details of wrongdoing in the reference they give the perpetrator, and the only thing that should raise red flags for a potential employer is that there’ll be no glowing recommendation for the ex-employee.

Let’s look at the different reasons that background checks are requested on the part of:


  • Pre-employment background checks

Knowing who you’re employing has become essential today, and it’s become commonplace in business to advise any job applicants that a pre-employment screening and background check will be carried out before they’ll be considered for employment.

This goes to what was said above regarding the falsifying of CV’s and educational levels reached.  If the position you’re looking to fill is a particularly sensitive one in which the employee will have access to highly confidential data, or financial management, you will save yourself a lot of time and money by doing a background check, rather than trying to deal with the fallout after the fact.

  • New business partners

If your company is considering bringing in a new partner or adding a new member to the board of directors, you’re definitely want to know the full story behind the person before taking any decisions.

What a background check will do is to reveal issues such as whether they have ever been involved in fraud, suspected of selling of company secrets or hiding assets from you.

This and more goes to whether you’ll be able to trust the new partner or investor with your company, knowledge of which will go a long way to protecting you from future loss, whether financially or by way of impacting your reputation.


New relationships

Past abuse, drug abuse and fraud are just a few of the issues one might want to know something about before getting in too deep with a new love interest.

It’s not pleasant, but it’s about self-protection in the long term.  We all know that abusers often start out behaving in a way that would make any woman feel like a queen before the ugly truth starts coming out at a later stage.

Drug abuse is another issue that can be hidden initially, especially from those who don’t have much experience about drugs, but at some point later in the relationship these things all start becoming obvious.

The pain that comes with revelations such as these is better avoided by being proactive about your protection right from the start, hiring a private investigator to dig where you aren’t able to.

Divorce cases

When it comes to splitting assets 50-50 most divorces become a battlefield in which one or the other spouse deliberately hides assets in an attempt to defraud the other party in the divorce.

Not every spouse knows what’s going on with the assets of their partner, but when it comes to the divorce, this has to change to protect their future and that of their children.

Only a determined, professional private investigator can do the kind of in-depth check into any hidden assets your spouse has not declared, which is why private investigators are often used by lawyers during divorce cases.

Protect yourself or your company today by hiring a private investigator to carry out background checks.

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Save yourself time, money and heartache by making the right choice about whether you should or shouldn’t invest in a background check!