Tech gadgets & private investigators go hand in hand in the 21st century

Today it’s not enough for a private investigator to excel at conducting undercover surveillance, they also need to keep abreast of the latest developments in surveillance technology to effectively get to the truth in any case.

The real test of any tech gadget is what it can do to raise undercover surveillance to a new level, and any professional investigator will be more than willing to try out new developments in the field.

In the hands of a professional, experienced investigator, new technology for use in surveillance also helps investigators to be ready for anything that may arise while they’re carrying out surveillance.

The operative words here are training and experience. Technology on its own doesn’t trump pounding the pavements in search for evidence in any case, these two aspects are designed to bring evidence to light with a two pronged approach.

Technology is also an invaluable tool for private investigators in terms of catching criminals that are tech savvy, as so many are today.  We may not be in a world war using weapons but we’re definitely in a war zone when it comes to the use of technology as a weapon.

Information is sold to the highest bidder, and in order to get to any information to sell, criminals have to keep as up to date about technology as private investigators should.

Here are just a few of the tech gadgets used by private investigators today;

Voice stress analysis

You’d be surprised at how effective a voice stress analysis can be in finding the truth. Some people are able to lie straight-faced and very convincingly, however, the voice tells another story completely.

In voice stress analysis tests, a private investigator is able to detect underlying truths that stem from speech patterns tied to emotions and the psychological aspects of speech.

The words, levels of stress and excitement can all be measured via voice stress analysis, making it an excellent tool that will indicate how truthful the speaker is at the time of the test. These tests can be carried out via phone, recording or in a face to face situation.

GPS Tracking systems

GPS tracking systems are very nifty in terms of keeping track of someone from one location to another. These systems are effectively used when a company has a fleet of trucks and other company vehicles they’d like to keep track of.

The reason that a fleet owner or manager can do this without the approval of the driver is due to the fact that the vehicle is not registered to the driver.

Technology has made it easy to plant tracking devices in vehicles without detection, to the extent that they can be attached to the steering column in a vehicle without being detectable.

GPS systems are so sophisticated today that anyone keeping track of a vehicle will have live updates of the location of the vehicle, fuel consumption and speed.

Keeping track of a cheating wife or husband via GPS tracking is more difficult however. Unless you own the vehicle your cheating spouse is driving, data gathered through the use of GPS tracking will be considered inadmissible in court.

Spyware technology

Recording what someone is doing on their computer via email online or mobile phone is easy when spyware is installed on these devices.

By mimicking the keystrokes, a private investigator is able to follow the search patterns of the subject under surveillance, without being detected.

If all clients want is the truth for themselves it’s legal, however, as it is with GPS tracking, if evidence gathered this way is to be used in a court case, you can forget it, it’s simply not legal.

Camera technology

Some covert investigations call for the use of micro cameras in order to carry out surveillance as surreptitiously as possible.  These cameras can be used to capture photos of people and places, with the added benefit of being perfect for use in capturing images of documents.

Technology & private investigators into the future

There’s no doubt that technology and software will be making giant leaps into the future, which means that private investigators are going to have to up their own game by becoming as tech savvy as many criminals are.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators in South Africa, will tell you that much of the work his team does on various cases is done using computers, which is far from the glamorous image most have of private investigators out in the field.

This is where excellent exploratory and analysis skills come in to play, where, in tandem with being out in the field, data bases need to be scoured for the right type of information to bring a case to successful closure.

By investing in quality knowledge and experience, King Investigators can assure clients that whether criminal or civil, the evidence presented by this professional team will be fully admissible in court.

Contact King Investigators in Pretoria today to find out more about how this team of investigators can assist you in making your case watertight.