Does sexting & online virtual affairs mean you’re being cheated on?

It’s a very grey area when you head into whether or not sexting and virtual affairs online mean that one or the other spouse is cheating.

Many people having these virtual affairs consider them as harmless, but they’re not. A greater majority of people feel betrayed and hurt by the sexual nature of these online ‘conversations’, believing that their spouse may as well be carrying on an affair in the ‘real’ world.

Even though there’s no physical contact involved in an online affair, the innocent spouse still feels that the vows that brought them and their partner together have been violated.

In general the strides made in technology are great on many levels, however, along with the positives is the fact that the same technology enables people to have virtual affairs.

These affairs include the exchange of explicit photos, explicit exchanges via email or on social networks. Unless the couple is in on it together, virtual explicit affairs lead to a sense of betrayal that is every bit as deep as it would be if the affair were on the physical level.

It’s punch-in-the-gut time when you first start suspecting your partner of conducting an online affair, and it’s every bit as wrenchingly painful as it would be if he or she were physically involved with someone else.

Signs that point towards online cheating and sexting in the 21st century

  1. Password protected mobile devices

Passwords and pins that keep you locked out of cell phones and other mobile devices, could raise a red flag about whether or not your spouse is having an online affair.

When web pages are quickly shut down as you walk into the room, or emails are hastily closed, it would be worth asking the hard questions about whether or not your spouse is cheating.

  1. Immediate responses to online contacts

This is one of those signs that could simply mean that your spouse is as addicted to using their cell phone, laptop and/or computer as many of us are, but…when answering emails and texts immediately becomes an obsession with your spouse, you may need to consider whether an online affair is being hidden.

  1. Behavioural changes

If there’s one very tell-tale sign that your spouse is cheating it’s that there are changes in the way your spouse normally behaves.  Guilt about sexting or involvement in an online affair can lead to two extremes in behaviour; being unusually attentive, or, withdrawing completely and using anger towards you as justification for the online affair.

  1. Social media accounts kept secret

Watch out too for secret social media accounts or, if you’re a friend of your spouse, keep an eye out for contacts you don’t recognise.  A virtual affair on any social media site won’t reflect in timelines, but messages on these platforms are private to the account holder.

The truth must out

Most people don’t think that online cheating can really fall into the category of cheating, but there’s no doubt that the double life your spouse is living between you and the virtual affair is going to hurt the relationship.

If you consider that an online affair (or more than one) is cheating, it’s important to confront the issue head on, so that your spouse knows what crosses the line into a full-fledged online affair as far as you’re concerned.

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